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Happiness from a series of lithographs

Far away from home in unfamiliar territory. Well behind enemy lines. Weary from days and days of travel. Riding on someone else’s horse, one just purchased from a farmer. Tired from exposure and weakened from hunger. Knowing that the enemy … Continue reading

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The Cracker Barrel

Neighborhood and country stores in the 19th Century were important gathering places where locals could exchange gossip, catch up on the latest news, exchange pleasantries with family and friends, and make general small talk. Often, the most popular place in … Continue reading

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An early tanning salon?

In middle of the 19th Century, York County was still primarily an agrarian society, although the Industrial Revolution was making its mark. The railroads had brought new jobs and industry to York, including the manufacturing of railcars and equipment for … Continue reading

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The York Emporium

Yesterday was the much publicized Civil War event at the York Emporium on West Market Street in York. Reenactors, authors, living historians, and history buffs mingled at this 19,000-square-foot used book store. Attendance was a little light, perhaps due in … Continue reading

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Civil War buried treasure?

A number of libraries and schools this past week celebrated an event known as “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” a clever way for teachers to spark interest in history in a fun and interesting way. With the wild success of … Continue reading

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Schedule for Saturday’s Civil War event in York

This Saturday is the special event “The Civil War Returns to York” to be held in downtown York at the York Emporium on West Market Street. Here is the schedule of special events. Civil War books will be for sale … Continue reading

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Sensationalist press

Communications in the mid-19th Century were extremely crude compared with today’s high speed Internet, CNN, satellite radio and video transmissions, and other high tech media. During the Civil War, the newspaper was usually the leading source of information, and it … Continue reading

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Dinner in Jefferson

John E. Cooke. Author’s collection. Captain John Esten Cooke was a Confederate staff officer serving under famed cavalryman J.E.B. Stuart. After the war, Cooke became a popular and well known writer, but in late June 1863, he was just another … Continue reading

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“A Perfect Storm of Flowers”

Pennsylvania and Ohio troops at Camp Scott in York – May 25, 1861 (Harper’s Weekly) Recently, the various TV channels in the Susquehanna Valley have shown joyous scenes of local National Guard and Reserve units as they return home from … Continue reading

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York Fairgrounds during the Civil War

With this year’s York County Fair now in full swing, I have received some questions as to the fairgrounds’ role during the Civil War, as county fairgrounds often were used as temporary military encampments and training grounds. However, the land … Continue reading

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