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Early’s Raid – an eyewitness account

Over the next week or so, I will present the text of an old article that appeared in a now-defunct newspaper, the Gettysburg Compiler, regarding the Confederate occupation of York. A significant portion of the account is from a York … Continue reading

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Musings on a rainy morning

As I write this, I am sitting in a hotel room in southern Ohio. The birds are singing, and the day offers promise. Generally, I love mornings, as they offer a chance for reflection and meditation, and a chance to … Continue reading

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York’s Angels of Mercy – Mary Fisher

Mary Cadwell Fisher well after the Civil War in her East Market Street home in downtown York, Pennsylvania. Courtesy of the York County Heritage Trust. Mary C. Fisher was the wife of the judge of York, Robert Fisher. She had … Continue reading

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Patriotism – the sustaining factor

Statue of a stoic soldier Background post: Misery: The 5th Wisconsin’s Journey through York County The soldier’s life is at times fraught with danger, although field combat is generally only a small percentage of the actual time allocation. Marching, drilling, … Continue reading

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Sobering statistics

Arlington National Cemetery (Robert E. Lee’s antebellum home) Royalty-free photo courtesy of Corbis I noted in the York Daily Record recently that the death toll in Iraq has reached 4,000 U.S. soldiers. I am not here to make any political … Continue reading

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A Tragic Life

Corporal Ernest Simpson of Battery E, 1st Rhode Island Artillery lived a short and tragic life. Born in Leipsic, Germany, as a young man he had quarreled repeatedly with his parents, who strongly disapproved of a particular love affair. Despondent, … Continue reading

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Easter weekend – 1863

As I sit in front of my warm fireplace this morning, I cannot help but think of the rich blessings in my life. God has been so good to me through the years, and I have been so undeserving of … Continue reading

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Post-war view of the Northern Central station and tracks at York Haven. The 5th Wisconsin passed through this village en route to York. For more photos of York railroad structures, see Greg Halpin’s website. The Civil War has been considered … Continue reading

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Shades of Gray: A new book from a Gettysburg author

One of the trends in tradebook publishing in the past two decades has been the strong growth of historical fiction, particularly those books aimed at women. Combining plots that strongly emphasis character development and personal interrelationships with believable historical situations … Continue reading

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Gotta love compound interest!

Recent news headline: Tampa Sued for Nonpayment of $299.58 Civil War Debt A Tampa, Florida, woman has sued the city to collect an old debt that dates back to the Civil War. Joan Kennedy Biddle is in possession of an … Continue reading

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