Gettysburg 145th Anniversary battlewalk – Troy Harman

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Veteran National Park Service Ranger and author Troy Harman speaks to an enthusiastic crowd during his outstanding battlewalk of the seldom visited, seldom discussed fight on Brinkerhoff’s Ridge along Hanover Road (Route 116) between the main Gettysburg Battlefield and East Cavalry Field.

The fascinating tour covered more than three miles and was almost entirely on private property, with the exception of the parking area and initial comments he made on Confederate Avenue on the East Cavalry Field battlefield. Above is one of the absolutely gorgeous old Civil War-era homes near Hoffman Road that we were fortunate to tramp by during this battlewalk.
A vintage house on the eastern crest of Brinkerhoff’s Ridge that dates from before the Battle of Gettysburg; this was owned after the war by William C. Storrick (famous Gettysburg author, Licensed Battlefield Guide, and Superintendent of the Gettysburg National Military Park). Each of the 200+ battlefield trampers received a FREE set of two souvenir 2008 Civil War photograph calenders by long-time ACW photographer and publisher Helen Schwartz.

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  1. Scott Mingus says:

    For more information on the fighting at Brinkerhoff’s Ridge, see Eric J. Wittenberg’s fine book on the topic – Protecting the Flank: Battle of Gettysburg, July 2-3, 1863: The Battles for Brinkerhoff’s Ridge and East Cavalry Field.
    It is excellent!

  2. Susan Brinkerhoff Yoder says:

    I am interested in this specific battle due to the fact that my g/great grandfather Brinkerhoff lived in Gettysburg at this time and subsequently left to Marshalltown Iowa. If anyone could give me more info about this area/house/anything, I would appreciate it!!!
    Thank you

    • Kathleen Barrett says:

      Susan….My BF James Thompson just came across the family Bible dated 1861. His family the Yohe’s and the Peoples were related somehow. We just looked through it last night….Do you have any names from the Brinkerhoff’s that we can look for? do the peoples or yohe names ring a bell. I must run off to work right now…Feel free to e-mail me….Kathleen

  3. Carole Lemire says:

    Hey, I understand that there were three Chamberlain brothers on Little Round Top. Somewhere (perhaps in the movie, Gettysburg), I received information that there was a brother who aided the wounded on the Little Round Top during the conflict. Does anyone have any information on this?
    Carole Lemire

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