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Rebels take York County man into captivity

In some cases during the 1863 Gettysburg Campaign, patrols from the Army of Northern Virginia went around searching for specific individuals who had been targeted for seizure because of their position as employees of the Federal government. Mostly, these unfortunate … Continue reading

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York man created a once popular Gettysburg tourist attraction

During the early 1950s, Curvin Heiss and his family lived on East Philadelphia Street in downtown York, Pennsylvania. He and his young son Curvin, Hr. spent hours creating and painting thousands of 54mm toy soldiers, which, after they moved to … Continue reading

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Bay State soldiers celebrate Thanksgiving

Col. Edward W. Hinks commanded the 19th Massachusetts Infantry, which was among the scores of Union regiments that traveled through York County to Washington, D.C. in the autumn of 1861 as the new Eastern Theater Federal army coalesced. The regiment … Continue reading

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Phew! How about a bar of lye soap, boys?

I spent the summer of 2008 primarily working at our paper mill in Chillicothe, Ohio, a facility Glatfelter purchased two years ago from another paper company (no, not Dunder Mifflin of “The Office” fame). Ironically, when Debi and I were … Continue reading

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The youngest soldier at Hanover?

I mentioned in an earlier blog post that a correspondent from the New York Times was attached to the Union army during the Gettysburg Campaign and had access to the high command of the cavalry corps, as well as some … Continue reading

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Lincoln’s Thanksgiving Proclamation

Happy Thanksgiving, Cannonball readers! I thought it would be appropriate to recycle one of last year’s Cannonball blog entries, given the approaching holiday. Here again is the famous proclamation that President Abraham Lincoln penned on October 3, 1863, declaring the … Continue reading

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The Copperhead question

This anti-Lincoln pamphlet, published in 1864 by J.F. Feeks of New York City, is typical of the strong anti-war, anti-Lincoln rhetoric that pervaded many places in the North, including southern Pennsylvania and my native southern Ohio. Pennsylvania’s southern tier of … Continue reading

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Early’s retreat from York

On the afternoon of June 29, 1863, a Confederate courier and his escort trotted down the road from Carlisle (parts of which are today’s State Route 74) into downtown York, where he sought out Maj. Gen. Jubal Early. He delivered … Continue reading

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Dueling carbines in Warrington Township

“Dueling Banjos” was a popular instrumental composition from the 1972 movie Deliverance. In the film two musicians play off one another in an impromptu concert. Friendly duels to see who can outdo whom are often competitive, but inspiring. In the … Continue reading

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Gettysburg to host holiday events on Baltimore Street

My little grandson enjoys the annual Nativity creche scene on York Street in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The borough’s Christmas tree now graces the traffic circle in the town square, and local businesses are gearing up for the Thanksgiving weekend and … Continue reading

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