Taking orders for Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition!

I am now accepting orders for my latest book, Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition, June 1863 from Ironclad Publishing. Please see my website for this new book for details and a photo gallery of more than 100 pictures associated with the book and the historical locations and personages featured in Flames Beyond Gettysburg. I accept PayPal, personal checks, and money orders for this book. A portion of the proceeds will go for battlefield preservation efforts.
Copies of the book will be on sale at my upcoming talks at the York CWRT at the York Heritage Trust on March 18 and at the Greater Dover Historical Society on March 19. As soon as I know when my large shipment is coming in, we plan a talk and formal reception at the York Emporium (more details to come once Jim Lewin and I work out the details for this formal introduction of the book, and I am hoping to have some guests lined up for that event).

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6 Responses to Taking orders for Flames Beyond Gettysburg: The Gordon Expedition!

  1. Scott,
    I’d be interested in pre-ordering a signed copy. Just let me know what I need to do.

  2. Michael Grandia says:

    I’d like two signed copies when available. Let me know.

  3. Sylvia Lee says:

    I would like a signed copy when it is ready.

  4. Scott Mingus says:

    My book order is being shipped tomorrow to my attention, so I should be able to send out these books shortly. Thanks everyone for the strong response so far!

  5. Louise Mains says:

    I would like to order a signed copy as a gift.. thanks

  6. Scott Mingus says:

    Excellent! Please contact me at scottmingus@yahoo.com for details. The books are $20 plus postage for an autographed first edition copy.

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