What are your impressions of the restored Gettysburg Cyclorama?

I have been through the newly restored Gettysburg Cyclorama a few times now. Here are my initial impressions:
1) The recent improvements to the canvas are astounding – curving it the way it was supposed to be viewed, restoring the missing pieces, cleaning and refreshing it – all are excellent!
2) I like the 3D effect with the foreground objects and terrain “blending” in with the painting. Note the cannon in the photograph – there are dozens of similar 3D objects that have been placed in front of the canvas, similar to what has been done years ago with the Atlanta Cyclorama in Grant Park. That’s the way the Gettysburg painting was displayed in the 19th century and early in the 20th.
3) The canned presentation with the sound effects and music is OK, but I would prefer live narration with the speaker pointing out specific features of the painting. The soundtrack is somewhat redundant with the Morgan Freeman movie at times.
4) I like the new setting, and relish looking forward to the day that the Richard Neutra concrete eyesore is gone from Cemetery Ridge and Ziegler’s Grove is restored. It never should have been located on such historic ground to begin with.
5) There’s another copy of the Cyclorama down at Wake Forest, and two other copies were destroyed decades ago.
Please leave your comments!

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3 Responses to What are your impressions of the restored Gettysburg Cyclorama?

  1. I personally like the sound and lights. Plus, its the only way to keep young people glued to what is going on.

  2. Randy Rill says:

    I too have seen the Cyclorama several times now, and it still amazes me how the smoke from the cannons being fired looks so real when the light is directed onto it.

  3. Mike Johnson says:

    Wake Forest sells Gettysburg cyclorama to anonymous buyers
    May 3, 2007
    Wake Forest University in March sold the 19th century Gettysburg cyclorama that it received as a gift from the late Winston-Salem artist Joe King.
    The university sold the painting to three buyers who wish to remain anonymous. Winston-Salem art dealer Larry D. Laster announced the purchase this week on behalf of the buyers. Laster and his colleague Ron Newsome participated in arranging the sale by Wake Forest. Ken Wilson, a Winston-Salem businessman, was the university’s exclusive sales agent to locate a purchaser for the painting.
    Wake Forest has not disclosed the sale price. Wake Forest officials involved in the sale said that some newspaper stories this week mentioned sale prices that are many times in excess of the amount received by the university.
    Throughout the time the university has owned the cyclorama, the university has worked toward selling it. The university has estimated that restoring the painting and building a facility to display it will require a multimillion dollar expenditure.
    The cyclorama, known as “The Battle of Gettysburg,” was the first of four cycloramas by French artist Paul Philippoteaux. All depict the famous Civil War battle in Gettysburg, Pa.

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