Emigsville woman defied the Rebels

York County photographer Dianne Bowders sent me a photo of one of her ancestors, Ellen Busey Roland of Emigsville. Ironically, just a couple of days before then, I had downloaded the following article from newsinhistory.com.
Ellen Roland.jpg

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3 Responses to Emigsville woman defied the Rebels

  1. DianneB says:

    Thanks Scott, I’m happy that you could use Grandma Roland’s photo. Not quite a Molly Pitcher, but a very strong woman.

  2. DianneB says:

    Since posting this photo of Ellen Roland, I found a tintype photo of her husband Daniel Roland, who served in the GAR, either taken in camp with a backdrop or at a Union reunion. Let me know if you’d like to include it with Ellen’s photo.

  3. Scott Mingus says:

    Certainly! Please e-mail the photo to scottmingus@yahoo.com.

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