Gettysburg 2009 Remembrance Day Parade – Part 2

Remembrance Day 2009 013.jpg
Background Post: Gettysburg 2009 Remembrance Day Parade – Part 1
Here is the second installment of some of the photographs I took at the November 21 reenactors parade in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, as part of the 2009 Remembrance Day celebration.

Remembrance Day 2009 014.jpg
Remembrance Day 2009 015.jpg
Remembrance Day 2009 016.jpg
Remembrance Day 2009 017.jpg
Remembrance Day 2009 018.jpg
Remembrance Day 2009 024.jpg
Remembrance Day 2009 002.jpg
Lunch at Dino’s with one of my grandsons and one of my sons preceded the parade. That restaurant has become our family tradition on visits to Gettysburg, and we celebrated my 53rd birthday there back in August.
This last photo shows Tristan, Tom, and I standing in front of Dino’s as we left after lunch. This picture was taken by my friend and fellow Civil War author James Hessler, who wrote a terrific book on Sickles at Gettysburg which is selling quite well. Jim was a recent speaker at the York Civil War Round Table.

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