Hanover PA reenactors to host Civil War event at nearby state park!

HanoverMay2010 001.jpg
“The Picket” is a well known local landmark in the Center Square of Hanover, Pennsylvania. The sculpture commemorates the June 30, 1863, Battle of Hanover during the American Civil War.
The Civil War Reenactors of Hanover, 16th Pennsylvania Volunteers, will be hosting a Living History Weekend on August 21 and 22, 2010 at Codorus State Park in southern York County.
For more information, or to register, contact Carolyn Small at 717-632-3825 or smallsounds@pa.net.

HanoverMay2010 002.jpg
Another view of The Picket. Taken by Scott Mingus on May 29 prior to leading a tour of the Hanover battlefield for the York County Heritage Trust.
HanoverMay2010 003.jpg
The yellow-painted brick building in the right center was in 1863 the Central Hotel.
It served as the headquarters for Union General H. Judson Kilpatrick during the Battle of Hanover, in which two of Kilpatrick’s brigades (under the newly promoted duo of Elon Farnsworth and George Armstrong Custer) held off J.E.B. Stuart’s three brigades and delayed them from rendezvousing with Major General Jubal E. Early’s infantry.
Without the fights at Hanover and Westminster (the day before), it is very likely that Stuart would have connected with Early on June 30.

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