One tank road trip: Whitehall Civil War Days

Whitehall CW Days 025.jpg
Part of the Mingus clan spent a delightful Saturday June 12 at the annual Whitehall Civil War Days at Camp Geiger in Whitehall Township, PA (near Allentown). There were perhaps 500-600 reenactors present in three camps (Union, CSA, and civilian), with lots of activities, including talks, demonstrations, sham battles and skirmishes, and lots more. Admission was free to the general public.
Here are a few photos. I have posted many more on my Facebook page.

Whitehall CW Days 004.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 013.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 027.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 043.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 003.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 024.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 032.jpg
Whitehall CW Days 042.jpg

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  1. Gerry Mayers says:

    Great photos! What you might not know is that one of the members (who was there!!!) of one of the Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry units is the Great Great Grandson of Lieut.-General James Longstreet…..Dan Patterson.

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