Wounded Union soldier repays resident for his kindness during Battle of Hanover

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Philadelphia Inquirer,December 27, 1900. Courtesy of newsinhistory.com

Here’s an interesting human interest story from early in the 20th Century in which a former New York cavalryman repaid the kindness shown to him by a citizen of Hanover, Pennsylvania, back in the early summer of 1863 following the Battle of Hanover.
Several newspapers from around the country picked up the story, and it received national attention giving James McGinley and Henry Long brief fame. Then, the story faded into obscurity.
I wonder what happened to the kind gift?
Perhaps it is still in the family?

By the way, Henry Long’s daughter Mary E. Long married in 1869 Mahlon H. Naill, a veteran of the 26th Pennsylvania Volunteer Militia which fought in the Gettysburg Campaign on June 26 against the 17th Virginia Cavalry at Witmer Farm. He was part of a company raised in Hanover (Company I). Several of his colleagues were captured at Witmer Farm by elements of Jubal Early’s division.

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2 Responses to Wounded Union soldier repays resident for his kindness during Battle of Hanover

  1. John Krepps says:

    Thanks for alerting me about this article. The McGinley story was included in the book “Encounter at Hanover” but this original article has a lot more good details.

  2. Dave Zinn says:

    Thanks for posting this. Growing up in Hanover, I’ve heard many stories and it’s great to put more of the pieces of the puzzle together for our historic Battle of Hanover. Can’t wait for tonight’s 150th anniversary reenactment!

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