Gettysburg photos – September 2011

Here is a sampling of some photographs I took in mid-September while visiting Gettysburg with my two oldest grandsons and their uncle, Dr. Tom Mingus, of Liberty University. I always enjoy my time at Gettysburg, where three of my great-great-grandmother’s older brothers and several of their cousins and other family members fought in the 7th West Virginia Infantry (the Chambers boys).

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  1. Charles Allen Menges says:

    Trying to locate any of my ansters who might have participated in the battle at Gettyburg. Also , My great-grand father was part of the Old Mill located at Menges Mills Pa, between York and Lancaster counties. I’ve been trying to locate a copy of the deed to that property that my ansters moved there around 1732-34 timeframe. Any help would be welcome – TX

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