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New book on the failed 1861 Peace Conference in Washington DC

Following the presidential election of 1860 which saw Abraham Lincoln win both the popular vote and the electoral college, several Deep South states, concerned over the Republican Party’s platform against the westward expansion of slavery, seceded from the Union and … Continue reading

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Robert E. Lee Comes Home From War: Topic at York CWRT on September 16

National Park Service photo of Ranger Matt Atkinson The York Civil War Round Table will feature Matt Atkinson at its monthly meeting on September 16, 2015. Mr. Atkinson will present a PowerPoint talk on “Robert E. Lee Comes Home from … Continue reading

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New book looks at the origins of the Custer legends

As a small boy, I was fascinated by stories of Civil War generals from my native Ohio. I grew up 10 miles from Phil Sheridan’s boyhood home of Somerset and some 20 miles from William T. Sherman’s home in Lancaster. … Continue reading

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76th NY soldier wounded at Gettysburg passed through York County

Following the battle of Gettysburg, scores of wounded men on their own headed for the nearest operational train stations to seek medical attention beyond what the overcrowded temporary field hospitals could provide. Among them was 28-year-old Lt. Lucien Davis of … Continue reading

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Soldier in the 27th New York complimented York County

Tens of thousands of Union soldiers passed through York County during the Civil War, with many receiving their initial training at Camp Scott on the old fairgrounds off the intersection of E. King and S. Queen streets in downtown York. … Continue reading

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National Civil War Museum Announces Fall Lecture Series

Wayne Motts has announced the lineup for the 2015 Fall Lecture Series at the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, and what an impressive group of speakers he has assembled! Garry Adelman, Carl Westmoreland, Brian Jordan, and Kevin Levin — … Continue reading

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“The Lions of Gettysburg: Barksdale and the 13th Mississippi”

Dr. Christopher J. Lahr of Mississippi and several colleagues are collaborating on a new multi-media project on Confederate Brigadier General William Barksdale and his brigade of Mississippi infantry regiments at the battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. The fiery … Continue reading

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Road Trip: The Southern Museum of Locomotive and Civil War History

In affiliation with the Smithsonian Institution, the Southern Museum of Civil War  and Locomotive History, according to the organization’s website, is “home to the General locomotive, stolen during the Civil War’s Great Locomotive Chase; a reproduction of the locomotive assembly … Continue reading

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New Gettysburg book from Union generals’ perspective

“The Yankees had something to do with it,” Maj. Gen. George Pickett reportedly said when asked why the Army of Northern Virginia had lost the battle of Gettysburg. Author Kerry Hotaling uses that well known phrase as the title of … Continue reading

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Remembering a fallen Civil War soldier from York, Pa.

Several thousand men from York County, Pennsylvania, served in the Union army during the Civil War, scattered among more than two dozen regiments or artillery batteries. A few units had relatively large numbers of York Countians, including the 166th Pennsylvania … Continue reading

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