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Writer Benson Lossing visited Hanover Junction and Hanover after battle of Gettysburg

This photograph, supposedly taken on November 18, 1863, shows the railroad depot at Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania. A few months earlier in late June, Confederate cavalry under Lt. Col. Elijah V. White had raided this site, burning railroad cars, the turntable, … Continue reading

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Louisiana Tigers raided Emigsville; eyewitness account

This image from the Manchester Township Historical Society shows Emigsville, Pennsylvania, a small village during the Civil War years nestled along the Harrisburg Road (now N. George Street) and the Northern Central Railway. Prosperous farms surrounded the town, which featured … Continue reading

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Battle of Falling Waters 1863: Custer, Pettigrew and the End of the Gettysburg Campaign topic at York CWRT on July 16

Author George F. Franks, III will be the featured speaker at the monthly meeting of the York Civil War Round Table on July 16, 2014.  Mr. Franks will present a PowerPoint talk based on his new book, “Battle of Falling … Continue reading

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What became of York’s flag taken by the Rebels in June 1863?

After Gordon’s Rebels hauled down the flag from Centre Square, its whereabouts quickly became uncertain to the residents of York. Rumors and tales abounded, including a story that General Gordon tied it to his horse’s tail and dragged it in … Continue reading

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York PA soldier left colorful description of “ragged Rebels”

  Confederate soldiers pause during a march through Frederick, Maryland. The exact date and the identity of the troops pictured are both uncertain.   Corporal Abraham Rudisill of Battery G, 1st Pennsylvania Light Artillery hailed from York, Pennsylvania. Older than … Continue reading

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New booklet “Tales Along the Tracks” published

Folks who have ridden the Steam into History excursion train between New Freedom and Glen Rock or Hanover Junction, Pa., may be familiar with Brenda Yarrison. She often rides the train as a volunteer hostess, telling stories to the patrons … Continue reading

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Jubal Early’s Rebels raided York merchant P. A. Small

This image from the files of the York County Heritage Trust shows the Centre Square in downtown York, Pennsylvania, during the middle of the 19th century. The two market sheds gave rise to the name Market Street for the east-east … Continue reading

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One of Gordon’s men discusses the Rebels saving Wrightsville, Pa. from burning

The Columbia Bridge burns on the night of Sunday, June 28, 1863, in this photograph of a painting at the Columbia Historical Society in Columbia, Pennsylvania. Union troops retreating from Wrightsville (foreground) marched across the bridge into Lancaster County (background) … Continue reading

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Confederate mapmakers prepared for the invasion of Pennsylvania

During the winter of 1862-1863, famed Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and T. J. “Stonewall” Jackson planned a possible invasion of the North, with a focus on central Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania. Jackson had long advocated such an incursion, aimed … Continue reading

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The last surviving resident to see the Confederates enter York?

This impressive mansion of railroad magnate Charles Billmeyer was newly built when almost 1,000 Confederate soldiers tramped past on June 28 and 29, 1863 on their way to and from Wrightsville in their effort to seize the Columbia Bridge. York … Continue reading

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