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New booklet from author Cooper Wingert

Popular Cumberland County, Pennsylvania, author Cooper H. Wingert has self-published a small, but interesting booklet with several never-before-published letters from Civil War soldiers from the Cumberland Valley region of Pennsylvania. He has also included a few scarcely known newspaper clippings … Continue reading

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The Runaway Balloon

When the Union army headed north in June 1863 for the summer campaign, it left behind its observation balloon which had been floating high enough for riders to observe the distant Confederate lines. Hence, there were no balloons at the … Continue reading

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York County’s Civil War questions: Part 1

During my book signings and lectures on York County’s Civil War history, I am frequently asked questions about various topics. Most of them are straight forward and I have a ready answer; a few are trickier to answer without researching … Continue reading

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Sharp political differences led to rowdiness in Lower Windsor Township

In September 1863, the York Gazette reported on a political event in southeastern York County, Pa., in which “Abolition rowdies” attempted to disrupt a meeting of Democrats in Lower Windsor Township. The township had for the past few years been … Continue reading

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New Civil War play to debut in August

A sweltering night in the Everglades. 1863. A fatal gunshot claims an unexpected victim, leaving a troop of Union soldiers more lost than ever. The War between the States becomes an inner war of will, belief, and survival. Playwright/director John … Continue reading

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100th anniversary of the Civil War inspired a generation of history buffs; will the 150th?

       A line of tourists, including future Cannonball blogger and author Scott Mingus (with his mother and sister), await entry into a restored Civil War-era railcar during the steam locomotive the General’s visit to greater Columbus, Ohio, back in 1962. … Continue reading

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Young filmmakers seek funding for Civil War movie

Corey Allred, Axel Ahrens, Luke Frazier, and Mark Frazier are four aspiring filmmakers and recent film school graduates who have come together through a shared passion of storytelling. Recent graduates from Sacramento State University with degrees in film production, they … Continue reading

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Win a “Copperhead” poster and book from Ron Maxwell’s new movie

York County, Pennsylvania, sharing a border with the slave state Maryland during the Civil War, was “distinctively northern, but not bitterly anti-southern,” according to business man A. B. Farquhar. Some of the population was accused of being “Copperheads,” a derisive … Continue reading

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150th Civil War Anniversary Contest: 20 questions on York County in the Civil War

Think you know something about the Civil War history of York County, Pa.? Try this quiz! Send me an e-mail with your answers. I will randomly select one winner on February 1st from all of the messages received by that … Continue reading

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Mexican War soldier implores brother not to join army as a private; not enought pay

John W. Fredericks served in the U.S. Army during the Mexican War and witnessed the fall of Mexico City. On May 4, 1848 from San Angle, Mexico, (near Vera Cruz), he penned a two-page letter to his brother Peter Fredericks … Continue reading

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