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York CWRT to host talk on “The Northern Central Railway in the Civil War”

The railroads of both the North and the South played important roles in the Civil War, perhaps more so than in any previous war. Troops, ammunition, supplies, horses and mules, coal for naval ships, and cargo of all sorts for … Continue reading

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Union cavalry general recalls his visit to York County during the Gettysburg Campaign

David McMurtrie Gregg (shown above in this photo from the Library of Congress) commanded a division of Union cavalry in the Army of the Potomac during the Gettysburg Campaign of 1863. He was a first cousin of the governor of … Continue reading

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Writer Benson Lossing visited Hanover Junction and Hanover after battle of Gettysburg

This photograph, supposedly taken on November 18, 1863, shows the railroad depot at Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania. A few months earlier in late June, Confederate cavalry under Lt. Col. Elijah V. White had raided this site, burning railroad cars, the turntable, … Continue reading

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New booklet “Tales Along the Tracks” published

Folks who have ridden the Steam into History excursion train between New Freedom and Glen Rock or Hanover Junction, Pa., may be familiar with Brenda Yarrison. She often rides the train as a volunteer hostess, telling stories to the patrons … Continue reading

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Confederate mapmakers prepared for the invasion of Pennsylvania

During the winter of 1862-1863, famed Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and T. J. “Stonewall” Jackson planned a possible invasion of the North, with a focus on central Maryland and south-central Pennsylvania. Jackson had long advocated such an incursion, aimed … Continue reading

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150 years ago today – The Gettysburg Address

On the morning of November 19, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln arose at the David Wills House on the square in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. He faced a busy day, highlighted by a procession to the National Cemetery and the lengthy dedication … Continue reading

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150 years ago this month in York County, Pa. – Part 1

As part 1 of my series on York County, PA during the month of November, 1863, when Abraham Lincoln came here as he traveled to and from Gettysburg to deliver the Gettysburg Address, I offer this reposting of a blog … Continue reading

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Hanover Junction, Pa. — Then & Now

On the left is a photo commonly attributed to famed Civil War photographer Mathew Brady and his crew. It shows the Northern Central Railway bridge over the South Branch of the Codorus Creek at Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania. The original is … Continue reading

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Steam into History offering special weekend train excursions

Steam into History came into being from a vision and dream from a group of York County investors, most notably the late William H. Simpson. Throughout the 19th and early 20th century, the Northern Central Railway transported tens of thousands … Continue reading

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Hanover Junction, Pa. man murdered by Union soldiers in Maryland

Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania, has a storied history, including visits by several presidents such as Abraham Lincoln. An important railroad intersection during the Civil War, more than 11,000 wounded soldiers were evacuated by rail from the Gettysburg battlefield through the junction … Continue reading

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