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York County’s Copperheads clashed with pro-Lincoln loyalists

This satirical cartoon from Harper’s Weekly depicts members of the pro-peace wing of the Democratic Party as copperhead snakes, a characterization made popular in the Republican press. The artist suggests that the “Copperheads” as being a threat to the safety … Continue reading

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There’s money in those rafters in Spry!

York County, Pennsylvania, still retains in places vestiges of its once thriving agricultural heritage, particularly with the huge, bank barns (often painted red) which once dominated the roadsides leading into York borough from all directions. One of those roads, now … Continue reading

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Sharp political differences led to rowdiness in Lower Windsor Township

In September 1863, the York Gazette reported on a political event in southeastern York County, Pa., in which “Abolition rowdies” attempted to disrupt a meeting of Democrats in Lower Windsor Township. The township had for the past few years been … Continue reading

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In the Footsteps of J.E.B. Stuart: Smith Road and Blue Hill School Road in Washington Township, York County PA

It is the sunny morning of July 1, 1863. It is already hot, and the morning fog has burned off. For farmers in northwestern York County, Pennsylvania, this will be a day of dismay, and for some, sheer terror. For … Continue reading

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Remnants found of old mill once raided by Jeb Stuart’s Rebels

Jeb Stuart‘s Confederate cavalry paused on their route from Jefferson, Pennsylvania, northward to New Salem to raid area farms, mills, and merchants for horses, mules, and provisions. David B. Sprenkle was among the scores of North Codorus Township residents who … Continue reading

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Rebel lieutenant led raiding party near Locust Grove in Windsor Township

On June 29, 1863, a Confederate raiding party scoured the countryside between the York-Wrightsville Turnpike (later known as the Lincoln Highway and today’s Route 462) and E. Prospect Road (today’s Route 124). They seized all the remaining horses in the … Continue reading

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Part of old Confederate campsite at Big Mount, Pa., is now an alpaca farm

Big Mount Alpacas is a popular spot along Canal Road in Big Mount, Pennsylvania, a hamlet in western York County’s Paradise Township.¬† During the Civil War’s Gettysburg Campaign 148 years ago, more than 4,000 Confederate infantry under Major General Jubal … Continue reading

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Union courier shot at Green Ridge / Brodbecks

This old log home near Brodbecks in southern York County, Pa., was the site of a shooting during the 1863 Gettysburg Campaign. Owner George Bair feared for his family’s safety¬† when a stranger rode to the house near midnight and … Continue reading

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Shrewsbury black man was conductor on Underground Railroad

Amanda Berry Smith was perhaps the leading black female evangelist of the 19th century. Noted for her fiery passion for the Christian cause and for her compassion toward the downtrodden, Smith worked tirelessly as a missionary to India and Africa, … Continue reading

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York County Soldiers: Pvt. Henry Gable of North Codorus Township

York County, Pennsylvania, borders northern Maryland, just across the Mason-Dixon Line which historically separated free states from slave states in the Eastern United States. As such, the citizens had decidedly different reactions to the onset of the Civil War 150 … Continue reading

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