What could your school do with $500,000?

A co-worker drew my attention to the Kohl’s Cares contest on Facebook.
Here’s the idea: Kohl’s will donate $500,000 per school to 20 schools. People can go online and vote for their school. (You get 20 votes and can vote for a school five times.) The top vote-getters win.
When you vote, you also get a chance to post an idea for what the school can do with the money. (But, the schools don’t have to spend the money on that – they can spend it on anything that meets the official rules.)
Several York County schools and districts are in the running, but so far … they’re a little behind. The ones I clicked on had anywhere from 12 to 81 votes and the top vote-getter so far has 37,000.
Here are some of the ideas posted so far for local schools:
For Central York High School – new labs, laptops, new textbooks or to lower the budget.
For York Suburban High School – build a natatorium, renovate the pool, build a new baseball field
For York Catholic High School – new computers, air conditioning or tennis courts
For YouthBuild Charter School – desks and chairs, more technology
So, what’s your idea for a local school?
If you’re looking for the contest: Go to Facebook and search for Kohl’s Cares. You have to “like” Kohl’s in order to vote.

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