Shank case reveals bits of investigation

Documents attached to a “motion to compel discovery” from former South Eastern Supt. Tracy Shank’s defense attorney revealed bits of the investigation report done by the Levin Legal Group.
The Levin group was hired last March to investigate Shank and her administrative staff.
Shank was charged in August with providing false information to police.
Her attorney, Joshua Lock, filed a motion seeking multiple documents from the school board, Stewartstown Police, and other agencies.

With the motion were several documents from the Stewartstown Police Department. One labeled “incident supplement page” includes portions of a 97-page transcript of a May 4 interview with Shank and Michael Levin that was provided to the police.
“Pages 7 through 34 and pages 36 through 39 are mostly in regards to this incident … but also refers to other incidents of criminal mischief of her and Ms. Kimberly Rauscher’s vehicles on school property,” the police document states.
Those documents are posted here: shank.pdf
Much of this portion of question-and-answer between Shank and Levin seems to focus on the incidents where she spotted a car outside her home, a friend’s house or school, and whether she or someone else chased that car to get its license plate number.
In his motion, Lock notes that “it is hard to imagine how this subject would have enlightened the South Eastern School District Board of School Directors about the performance of its administrators.”
Lock is requesting the results of Levin’s investigation, as well as any other records related to any investigation of Shank.
The York Daily Record previously filed a Right to Know request for the results of Levin’s investigation, and that was denied. You can see those documents in the Open Records Reading Room, under “schools.”

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