Is it York High or William Penn?

The formal name of the high school in the York City School District is William Penn Senior High School.
That said, it’s called York High all the time. I’ve heard it from board members and school officials as well as community members and alumni. I refer to it as William Penn in stories because that is the official name.
But we’ve gotten two competing letters to the editor recently about what the school should be called.
Gary Kraybill, who happens to lead the York High Alumni Association, wrote here that it should be called York HIgh.
And here, graduate Don Bradley says it should be referred to as William Penn.
What do you call it?

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8 Responses to Is it York High or William Penn?

  1. Jo says:

    I think a lot depends on when one graduated. Us old-as-dirt grads will forever call it York High. Maybe those who prefer Wlliam Penn are more recent grads.

  2. Cin says:

    It’s York High to me!!!! Always will be… We all know what the official name of the school is, who doesn’t know that. But alumni are good old York High Graduates.

  3. Anonymous says:

    York High Bearcats who is bill penn? York City

  4. Tom Foster says:

    I remember hearing York High, but “Bill Penn” also was used. I think there was, maybe still is a William Penn Hugh School in Harrisburg.
    Us old geezers remember when across the street from Bill Penn High sat Hannah Penn Junior High on the southeast corner of Beaver street and College Avenue. A new Hannah Penn was built and the old location is now a parking lot. Does Hannah Penn School still exist with that name?

  5. Graduate York HIgh says:

    Old York High High High!!!

  6. Angie Mason says:

    Tom Foster: There is indeed a Hannah Penn Middle School at 415 E. Boundary Ave.

  7. jim rowe says:

    William Penn of Harrisburg played William Penn of York but never beat YORK HIGH……..

  8. me says:

    york high ! duhhhhhhh . forever and always will be york high

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