Flip cameras in the classroom

Last week, Cisco announced it would stop making Flip video cameras.
A story from GOOD asked what teachers would do without the tech tool. Teachers were using them to let kids film class projects or to film themselves teaching, the story says.
Flip video cameras did seem to be pretty popular with teachers in York County. Many times, when the educational foundations that support districts award grants, I’ll see one or two that went toward Flip cameras in classrooms.
I just searched some district websites for examples:
Last year, the Bobcat Foundation that supports the Northeastern School District gave grants for Flip cameras for Shallow Brook Intermediate School and at York Haven Elementary School.
The Dallastown Area Educational Foundation last fall awarded $1,970 to purchase 15 Flip cameras for the Dallastown Area High School world language department.
In York Suburban, a Flip camera was purchased for professional development.
At Spring Grove Elementary, one was purchased for classroom use.
Those are just a few I found, and I’m betting there are more out there.
So why are these such a popular classroom tool? What are they being used for in York County?

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I’m also trying to find grants for these great cameras. A group of students presented a fabulous project at the end of the year for my high school statistics class which was innovative and creative…up until then students were required to create a power point–this was a huge leap beyond what was needed…the students admitted having loads of fun making it and they really learned about the concepts they discussed.

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