Read the law on school districts in ‘financial recovery’ status

The news this week was that the state preliminarily declared York City School District in financial recovery, and the district is contesting that.

The state adopted a law over the summer allowing the secretary to make such a designation, which would lead to a chief recovery officer being appointed to implement a plan to handle the district’s finances.

Below is a copy of the state school code. Editor Scott Blanchard and I have made some notes in the appropriate sections, so you can see the parts that the state says apply to York City and get some context.

Let me know your thoughts!

Pennsylvania School Code: Financial Recovery status law (Text)

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2 Responses to Read the law on school districts in ‘financial recovery’ status

  1. C. Schueneman says:

    In my opinion, York School District needs all the help it can get and needs to stop spending money on fighting the state and co-operate with anyone who is trying to improve our education for our children. This school District has been allowed to fail for far too long. Stop worrying about tenure and pay and give the students the teachers they need. Not the ones with the longest employment. This district is also disgraceful in their non-use of substitute teachers. Long and short term subs need to be recruited and put where they are needed. Splitting a class up among the other classrooms in the school is NOT acceptable.

  2. Angie Mason says:

    Thanks. I’m curious about what you’re saying about substitutes. Could you email me some more info at Thanks!

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