Parents: Want to share your thoughts on education topics?

Attention York County parents: I want to know your thoughts on education issues affecting your kids.

I’d like to start a new feature on the blog, asking for parents’ views on various topics affecting kids in school, from kindergarten to grade 12. Examples might be the new school lunch requirements, standardizing testing or other classroom happenings.

I’ll send a question out to those participating parents, maybe once every few weeks, and give you a few days to respond with a few sentences. Then the answers will be posted in an entry on Cram Session, and they could be used in the newspaper, too.

I’ll use my Facebook page to post the questions, too, and hopefully we’ll hear from other parents as well.

Anyone willing to give it a shot? If so, send me an email with your name, the school district where your children attend, and what grades they are in.  Questions? Email me at

About Angie Mason

I'm the education reporter at the York Daily Record/Sunday News. I want to know what's happening inside York County classrooms. Email me at or follow me on Twitter: @angiemason1
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15 Responses to Parents: Want to share your thoughts on education topics?

  1. Steve Schueneman says:

    We live in the York City School District, my youngest daughter is in second grade at The York Academy Regional Charter School, my son is in 4th grade and started attending PA Cyber spring of 2012, my oldest daughter is in 6th grade and began attending PA Cyber this Fall.

    • Angie Mason says:

      Thanks, Steve! I’ll be sending the questions out by email when we get started. I think I have your email address from your comment, but if that’s not the one you want me to use, drop me a line at

  2. Anne Fonda says:

    My youngest daughter is 11 and attends Sinking Springs Elementary in te Central York school district. She’s in 6th grade.

    My oldest daughter now attends The United World College of the American West in New Mexico, an International Baccalaureate program. Otherwise, she would be a senior at Central York high school. I’m interested in all of the Central schools.

    • Angie Mason says:

      Thanks, Anne! I’m going to add you to my list. Hopefully will get this feature started in the next couple of weeks, once I get some more parents on board.

  3. Jill Euclide says:

    Hi! I have 4 children in the Northeastern York school district. My oldest is 10 and in the 5th grade; my second is 9 and in 3rd grade; my 3rd is 7 and in 1st grade and my youngest will start Kindergarten in the fall. I also was a teacher at York Catholic High School and my husband currently teaches there. I would love to be part of your cram session!

  4. Stephen Douglas says:

    Hi. Have two still attending Dallastown and one in university at Temple. I would welcom the opportunity to comment about topics where the schools are doing well and on those areas where they could use some improvement. (Contracting out the food service for D-town wasn’t the best of ideas.)
    Hope to hear from you.

  5. Ashley Stahle says:

    Hi Angie,

    I would be willing to comment on any questions you may ask. I went to York City Schools my whole life. I graduated from York High in 2004. I have a first grader at York Academy Regional Charter School and a 4th grader at Lincolnway Elementary in West York School District where I currently live. My stepdaughter, the 4th grader, also attended Northeastern and Diver schools. I am very interested in seeing thoughts from parents in other districts concerning education.

  6. Ashley Stahle says:

    *Dover* schools sorry for the typo.

  7. Dianne Newman says:

    Hi! I have 4 children, 3 of whom are still in public schools. My oldest is a sophomore at Shippensburg. I have a freshman daughter at West York, a 2nd grade daughter at York Academy Regional Charter School, and a kindergarten son at Mt. Wolf Elementary, in the autistic support classroom.
    I drive a school bus for parttime income, transporting York Tech students, and occasionally sub teach for York Catholic. I’d be pleased to participate in discussions about education.

  8. Mrs. Janet Olojugba says:

    Hi. We live in the York City School District, our son is in 1st grade at The York Academy Regional Charter School (an International Baccalaureate program). I would love to join your cram sessions

  9. Penny Snyder says:

    I have two children in Red Lion School District and a soon to be kindergartener and I am interested in joining your cram sessions as well. Thanks!

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