Wortham resignation letter, farewell video

It’s been nearly two weeks since Deborah Wortham resigned as superintendent of the York City School District.

Someone sent me a link to this video, a farewell from Wortham. It appears to be aimed at students, though I haven’t been able to determine if it has been shown anywhere in the district. Anyone in the district know?

I sent Wortham an email about the video, but I haven’t heard back.

Dr. Wortham’s Farewell from Aumen Media on Vimeo.

And shortly after the May 15 meeting ended, I requested a copy of Wortham’s resignation letter. You can see that below, complete with some date-changing.


Wortham resignation letter (Text)

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2 Responses to Wortham resignation letter, farewell video

  1. Mark Foreman says:

    No thank you!

  2. Citizen says:

    This video has NOT been shown within the District and there are NO plans to do so. The Board is adamantly against it.

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