York City School District schedules meetings for New Hope families

The York City School District is inviting the families of New Hope Academy Charter School students to two town hall meetings, according to a news release.

The meetings are:

  • 6:30 p.m. Oct. 30, in the auditorium at Hannah Penn Middle School, 415 E. Boundary Ave., York (Grades K-8)
  • 6:30 p.m. Nov. 7, in the auditorium at William Penn High School, 101 W. College Ave., York (Grades 9-12)

Topics to be discussed include the district’s transition plans, district programs and goals for 2013-14, and time for questions from the audience, according to the release. Call 845-3571 for more information.

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2 Responses to York City School District schedules meetings for New Hope families

  1. Alexandria Hollingworth says:

    this article is very well said and self explanatory, but I really don’t understand why they wanna shut New Hope down in January? if they where/are gonna shut the school down they should have done that over the summer. Now these kids are going to struggle going into another school with different people its a new environment for them that they wont be used to .. and some of the kids that sign up for different schools other than Hannah Penn (if it reopens) and William Penn they will be put on waiting lists some of those students wont even be attending school for maybe over a month. This is ridiculous if any school should be closed down it should be William Penn Senior High School , that school is ridiculously horrible. they have fights constantly disrespect teachers and barely learn anything. This is so observed .! this is a horrible decision ! I pray for New Hope Academy Charter School to stay open.. my daughter loves it there shes been in that school ever sense 6th grade and is now a sophomore .! she basically grew up in that school that is her second home ! this is gonna upset me if they make the final decision to shutdown the school.. ! my daughter will be doing cyber school because the other two options are just not in the picture and it breaks my heart because my daughter wont even be crossing the stage for graduation all because of this idiotic decision. I’m furious , New Hope is an amazing school and students actually change and grow up more ! they give you a great education and the classes are smaller so the students can learn better with no distractions. honestly someone needs to go and over look at that school and the great teaching there is, everyone is so friendly there they try to make there students as comfortable as they can,. please over look at this decision.

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