PSSA test windows extended because of the weather

The testing period for the PSSA math, reading and writing assessments has been extended to accommodate for instructional time lost because of the weather, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Here’s what the department said about the changes:

The PSSA math and reading test window was March 17-28. That’s been extended to April 4. Make-up period will be April 7-11.

The writing test window was March 31 to April 4. That’s been extended to April 11. Make-up period will be April 14-25.

The test periods for the PSSA science tests and the Keystone exams will not change, the news release says.

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One Response to PSSA test windows extended because of the weather

  1. Marie Damaino says:

    These tests are useless. They do not measure a students ability nor do they provide meaningful results that help educators understand why a child may be struggling. If differentiated learning is provided , then assessments should be differentiated as well!!! School Districts and parents need to reach out to officials in power and put an end to these money making meaningless tests!!!!

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