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9 Responses to Contact me

  1. janice laird says:

    I am very disappointed in your lack of fact checking on your recent article regarding public school pensions. You failed to discuss why school districts will be paying a higher rate in the coming years… because for years they have been granted a moratorium on their fair share by the state. The only group that has faithfully paid their portion of the retirement benefit is the teachers. Imagine if one of your benefits included contribution sharing, but your employer decided not to pay into your fund for several years.
    They knew they owed you the money , but rather than do the fiscally responsible thing and put the cash aside, they spent it. Then they told you it was your fault they were in debt.

    • Angie Mason says:

      Hi, Janice – Thanks for writing. We’ve written in the past about the underfunding issue, which was only mentioned in this story. But we’ll certainly be writing more about the issue in the future, so I’ll keep your comments in mind.

  2. Marcia L Green says:

    I would like a way to contact Cynthia Dotson – was of her board of directors In New Mexico. Have lost touch. If you could forward my email or tele 954 684-3491 I would very much appreciate it !
    Marcia L Green

  3. Annoymous Tip says:

    Angie – You may want to ask the Board why they are delaying the new tax bills that are supposed to be sent out on July 1. Tax payers will get an extra 1-2 weeks to pay their bill this coming year.

  4. Anonymous tip says:

    Angie, why is it that the 2 principals at Lincoln and Helen thackston charter schools, who came to the schools in July 2013 are both no longer with the schools? According to the board, they both “resigned” during the year. What’s really going on over there with the high turnover?

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