Killer accuses DA of jury intimidation

Convicted of third-degree murder and sentenced to 20 to 40 years, Shannon Mayo Jr. now is claiming the York County District Attorney’s Office intimidated his jury.

A handful of jurors had told Judge John S. Kennedy that two men, who they recognized from the courtroom, had followed them to a parking garage after the trial recessed during deliberations. One juror said he was followed as he drove home. Two others said they received hang-up calls that night.

York County detectives investigated the possibility of attempted jury intimidation. It was determined that the two men were supporters of Mayo but were not attempting to intimidate the jurors and any contact with them was incidental.

In his latest motion – again without going through his attorney – Mayo claims, “someone in the District Attorney’s Office made those phone calls and followed Juror #11.”

Mayo called the investigation a “sham,” and added, “This is a homicide case. A man lost his life and the defendant’s (sic) received what amounts to a life or death sentence.”

When sentencing Mayo, Kennedy said his voluminous pro se correspondence, “general demeanor and persona” led him to question Mayo’s stability.

Mayo’s motion was docketed in court and forwarded to his attorney. Mayo is awaiting a post-sentence hearing on the motions filed by his attorney, which do not include accusing the prosecution of jury intimidation.

Mayo also mailed a copy of his motion to “The Court Reporter,” in care of the judicial center. No one else seemed to fit that description so it ended up in my hands.

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3 Responses to Killer accuses DA of jury intimidation

  1. Hanna Barbera says:

    Somehow I don’t think he meant “you” as the Court Reporter. :)

  2. naketa Marie MCINTYRE says:

    I’m the sister of the man that was murdered. Mayo and his family are all manipulators and they try to intimidate people. After my brother was murdered, someone shot up the house that his child and family lived in. Thank GOD they had recently moved because of the situation. I hope he rots in jail. My brother didn’t get enough justice. My neice had no father. Mayo killed a man and got to keep his life!!! I hope that he dies a horrible death in jail. He is not sorry and will never ever be forgiven.

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