Prothonotary (and wife) back at work

York County Prothonotary Pam Lee – my wife – returned to work on Dec. 5, a little bruised and a little “wobbly,” as she says. 

On Nov. 26, while volunteering at Martin Library, Pam blacked out, fell and hit the back of her head on the floor. 

York County Prothonotary Pam Lee

She was taken by ambulance to York Hospital, where she remained until Nov. 28. Doctors have been unable to determine beyond possibly low blood pressure what caused Pam to faint. 

She was on bed rest for a couple of days with a bump on the back of her head about the size of a grapefruit. 

Still suffering from post-fall dizziness, Pam wanted to go back to work on Dec. 2. 

She was overruled by me and more importantly, her mother, Babs. 

She started back to work on half-days two days later when the cabin fever got worse than the dizziness. 

Pam said her first day back was “Great.” 

About Rick Lee

Rick Lee is a veteran courthouse reporter for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Contact him at or call 495-1782.
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