Travis Fowler vehicular homicide trial

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Rick Lee is a veteran courthouse reporter for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Contact him at or call 495-1782.
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9 Responses to Travis Fowler vehicular homicide trial

  1. Bonniangels says:

    Praying for you Travis .

  2. Carrie says:

    Really…praying for Travis ? The Newcomer family has been living years of anguish…prayers should be with them.

  3. Carrie says:

    Really,praying for Travis ? The Newcomer family has been living years of anguish. The prayers should be for them.

  4. kelly says:

    I agree…prayers for all involved. People change.

  5. Friend of Travis says:

    People do change and Travis certainly has. Prayers for him & his family.

  6. I cannot imagine what the Newcomer family has gone through. Travis has changed and shows that change everyday . This horrible accident has manifested a complete turn around in his life. Myself, along with his families pray everyday for God’s hand in this situation. Prayers are with all involved.

  7. Wow.really? says:

    Really, Travis has changed? It is a little late for that. I guess it took the life of Mr. Newcomer to bring this change. If Travis was so remorseful, why did he hire a scumbag DUI lawyer like Justin McShane to try and get him completely free? Why did Travis prolong the agony of the Newcomer family? Why didn’t he “change” at the trial and be a man and step up and face the charges like a man? He has not changed at all. May God have forgive him, as we can not.

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