Son-of-a-reporter. He won.

My Temple student son, Joe Lee, picked up two film awards at the Diamond Screen Film Festival on May 8.

His documentary — The Witmans, A Portrait — a look at the lives of Ron and Sue Witman, the parents Zachary and Gregory Witman, won the Derek Fresse Senior Project Award and the best editing award.


You can see more at Joe’s website for the documentary here.

About Rick Lee

Rick Lee is a veteran courthouse reporter for the York Daily Record/Sunday News. Contact him at or call 495-1782.
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2 Responses to Son-of-a-reporter. He won.

  1. Bill Lawyer says:

    We enjoyed the documentary – I did see that Channel 43 carried something about the efforts to get the case re-opened.

  2. Kazi says:

    Just saw this film last night after stumbling upon a page about this case. I’m sure Serial is bringing renewed interest in this case, so your son will now have a massive stage, or audience to continue to tell the Witman story.

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