Christians and wealthy politicians

What does a political candidate’s personal wealth say about their faith and character?
That is a question posed by blogger David Waters over at Under God. Waters is the editor of Newsweek/’s On Faith and former religion columnist for a daily newspaper in Memphis.
Waters notes that Jesus admonished the rich to take less and give more, trying to get them to see it’s not what they have but what they do for others that matters.
Waters argues that the church that measures candidates on issues such as abortion, war and gay marriage should also consider wealth (ours and theirs).

He has a few questions for the wealthy men running for president:

I’d like to hear McCain’s response to this question: “You are a rich man. You and your wife Cindy own seven homes, which you apparently use just for yourselves and your children. A number of years ago, you adopted a child from an orphanage in Bangladesh. How many more children could you save if you sold five or six of your homes and just used one or two for yourself. As a Christian, do you feel a responsibility to do that?”
I’d like to hear Obama’s response to this question: “You are a rich man. A few years ago, you signed two book deals worth nearly $2.3 million. You and your wife Michelle made more than $4 million last year and you own a home worth more than $1 million. What have you done with that money to help “the least of these.” I don’t mean how many checks have you written to charity. Can you give us specific names of people you have helped?”

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Another thought: What’s it say about politics that so many viable hopefuls in recent election cycles have been loaded?
Do you have to be rich to get to the U.S. Senate these days? Or is it common because, before they were politicians, these individuals had great success in another field that then led them to politics? Thoughts?

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  1. Sterling Fritz says:

    I believe you are on to something. The Bible contains more verses about money and wealth then any other subject. In almost all cases the verses are addressing economic injustices and how this angers and displeases God. What other religion, but Judaism, contains the idea of a Jubilee, or a periodic forgiving of debts and reproportioning of community assets, so that all will have enough. The Bible does not speak directly to Gay Marriage and Abortion,so how can these issues be made to be more important then economic injustices? Abortions in many cases are chosen because economically the woman may not be able to afford to raise another child. Even the poorest person in the United States of America lives better then 80% of the world’s population. Personally, I believe that God will hold us accountable more for what we did with our money, then what we did with our bodies. Read Matthew 25, this is the only place in the Bible, where it is very clear what criteria God will use to judge all in the last judgment. By the way, thanks for starting this blog.

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