Essay: ‘We are what we believe’

“This I Believe” is an ongoing essay series about the personal beliefs, philosophies and core values that guide people’s lives. The essays air regularly on NPR.
Today, a lawyer described his former self as the “typical Type-A: an ambitious Harvard lawyer on the rise who moves to Silicon Valley during the go-go years to help start and run a succession of companies. … All head, no heart; all drive, no passion.”
Randy Komisar started to search for where he mislaid that passion. He studied with a Zen teacher and reinvented his work around creativity. Today, he works with young entrepreneurs to help guide them and their ideas. Listen or read about his transformation.
You can also search the site and read all 46 essays submitted from people in York, Pa.

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2 Responses to Essay: ‘We are what we believe’

  1. Marco Esquandolas says:

    Nice find. Thank you.

  2. I can totally relate with that. I was burned out for years myself. Thanks so much for sharing.

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