Club-hopping priest removed from church

A 43-year-old Episcopal priest who allegedly loves the night-club life in Chelsea, NYC, has been removed as vicar from the St. James Episcopal Church in Dundaff, Susquehanna County, and cannot exercise priestly ministry, according to the
New York Daily News and Scranton Times. From the Daily News:

The big-spending, champagne-swilling, club-hopping priest from the coal fields of Pennsylvania is out of a job. Rev. Gregory Malia – who put aside the Gospels to become a disciple of Chelsea nightlife – was booted Monday from his post as vicar of a down-home parish in Carbondale, Pa. … Driving from distant Wilkes Barre, Pa. – where bedtimes are early and life is slow – Malia would arrive in clubland and shell out thousands of dollars in tips, send bottles of Dom Perignon to fellow clubgoers and squire cocktail waitresses around town on shopping sprees.

The Right Rev. Paul Marshall, bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem, relieved Malia of his duties at St. James Trinity Episcopal Church, according to the article. The action followed a Daily News feature Sunday that ran with the headline: “Episcopal priest makes a name for himself in New York City nightclubs.”
Read Marshall’s Sunday blog post after he read the article.

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