No, really. Wish me a Merry Christmas.

Tis the season: A Christian group fighting the “War Against Christmas” is selling buttons and car magnets to tell retailers, “It’s OK. Wish Me a Merry Christmas.”
Campaigners lament that stores have largely removed the symbols and language of Christmas from their stores, replacing them with winter decorations, holiday advertising, secular songs and the greeting “Happy Holidays.” According to WMAMC Web site:

“The public celebration of Christmas has been under siege by the political correctness movement for the past decade. If something does not happen to turn the tide now, an entire generation will never know or even remember one of the last remaining vestiges of our nation’s Christian heritage and that Christmas used to be celebrated very publicly by the vast majority of Americans.”

What do you think? Will people forget about Christmas if they aren’t reminded by cashiers?

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One Response to No, really. Wish me a Merry Christmas.

  1. b murphy says:

    The last line was a bit “flip” as my mother used to say. It isn’t about cashiers or even stores who capitalize on the holiday. WE have allowed that to happen. Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ. All we ever hear at all anymore is shopping days till Christmas, good or bad Christmas according to sales, and the economy.
    CHRISTMAS hasn’t changed. God still came to earth in the form of a baby, a human to save people from sin.
    I would love to see a RETAILMAS, which could be just about that RETAIL and the bottom line. But let Christmas be about the SON, not about the SUM. That’s what the objection is, and the “happy Holidays” is merely another trampling of the real meaning or reason for the celebration in the first, and last, place..

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