Neighbors convene for worship in snowstorm

The latest snowstorm reminded me of a story I heard after the twin blizzards earlier this month.
When it became clear that members of Agape Fellowship could not meet at their usual place of worship Feb. 7 due to the unplowed church lot, the pastor and his wife decided to invite neighbors to their Woodshed Terrace home in York Township.
“We thought, we don’t want to not have church, so let’s have church in our home,” said Cheryl Smith, whose husband, Gary, pastors the congregation.
About 15 people attended from five families — several of whom didn’t know one another despite living in the neighborhood for longer than the Smiths. After meeting, the neighbors helped one another dig out of the snow and started to get to know one another, Cheryl said.
“We calling it The Blizzard Church,” she said. “The next time we have a snow day, we’ll come together again.”

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