Getting Easter lilies to the church on time

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An estimated 9 to 10 million Easter lilies are shipped across North America each year, but timing is tricky. As RNS reports, “getting the trumpet-shaped flowers to bloom on cue takes months of just-right gardening, mathematical deduction and extreme diligence.”
Part of the problem is the date of Easter changes each year.

“It is by far the most complicated, single thing that happens in the floricultural industry,” said William B. Miller, professor of horticulture at Cornell University. … Researchers like Miller have drawn up schedules for greenhouses with how-to instructions specific to the date Easter arrives in a given year, chronicling the steps once lily bulbs arrive in mid-October from bulb growers on the West Coast.

Reading this story, I wondered how the lily came to be a symbol of Easter. Anyone know?

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