Second county ELCA church votes to leave

On Sunday, a Dallastown congregation for a second time voted overwhelmingly to end its affiliation with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.
Sunday’s was the second vote Christ Lutheran Church needed to quit the ELCA. The vote comes 10 months after the denomination approved a policy allowing noncelibate gay clergy in the pulpit — a move conservatives say typifies the ELCA’s leftward drift.
The vote was 91-1 to leave and join Michigan-based Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ, said the Rev. Lawrence Cunnings, pastor.
Earlier this month, St. Paul Lutheran Church in West Manchester Township voted to do the same.
The ELCA’s Lower Susquehanna Synod council will consider whether to approve the churches’ departures in September.
Cunnings said, “We are saddened to rescind our ties with the ELCA but also look forward to strengthening our mission and outreach to all people.”

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One Response to Second county ELCA church votes to leave

  1. Randy says:

    A total of 92 people voted. According to the ELCA website, Christ Lutheran Church has membership of over 1000. Does less than 10% even constitute a quorem?

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