The Week in Pa. religion news: Oct. 31, 2010

Is there politics after death? The grave doesn’t keep some from the ballot box in York County.
A Muslim man from Northeast Philly claims a trucking company fired him after he refused to transport a load of alcohol, according to the civil-rights lawsuit he filed in federal court.
The state-related Lincoln University, a historically black college in Chester County, is under pressure to repudiate a tenured professor who told a crowd at a rally to unite to “defeat, to destroy, to dismantle Israel — if possible by peaceful means.” The university’s president said it won’t fire Kaukab Siddique “as long as he does not present such opinions as the views of the university.”
Vice President Joe Biden will speak at the opening of the Smithsonian-affiliated National Museum of American Jewish History in Philly on Nov. 14. Bette Midler and Jerry Seinfeld will also take part in the festivities.
A number of Episcopal congregations in central PA can no longer afford a full-time priest, so deacons are helping to fill some gaps.
Many of the 300 artworks and artifacts in the new Vatican Splendors exhibit in Pittsburgh haven’t previously been outside Rome. The display ends Jan. 9.
The Erie-based Episcopal Diocese of Northwestern Pennsylvania, which dealt earlier this year with allegations of sexual abuse by a former bishop, is celebrating its centennial.

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