The week in Pa. religion news: Feb. 20, 2010

An attorney for sex abuse victims who has sued Catholic priests and bishops around the country on Monday sued the Philadelphia archdiocese, citing grand jury reports that led to recent criminal charges against several priests and a former teacher. Under a 2002 law, the plaintiff had more time to file his complaint.
The archdiocese said Wednesday it would reopen 37 cases of possible child sexual abuse cited by the grand jury. It placed three priests on administrative leave and, on Sunday, Cardinal Justin Rigali added Msgr. William Lynn to that list. Lynn faces child-endangerment charges because, while head of the office for clergy, he allegedly reassigned the priests and concealed allegations against them.
A former youth pastor filed suit against his former pastor at a Hummelstown church, alleging he spread lies about his dealings with children.
After a public protest outside her office Monday, the embattled mayor of Harrisburg said she’s staying — and praying. One of the complaints about Linda Thompson in recent weeks is that she unduly injects religion into public meetings with references to God.
The Anglican Diocese of Pittsburgh that split from the Episcopal Church in that region in 2008 has welcomed an offer from the Episcopalians for the Anglican parishes to negotiate for their property.
Finally, 8-year-olds showed off their first Communion outfits in a fashion show at St. Patrick Cathedral in Harrisburg.

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