The week in Pa. religion news: March 13, 2011

Philadelphia Catholic Archbishop Justin Rigali suspended 21 priests named by a grand jury as child molestation suspects. One writer notes the phone call the archdiocese made to the DA in 2009 that launched the whole investigation.
In yet another lawsuit against the archdiocese, a man says clergy covered up sexual assault allegations against a priest who molested him in the 1990s.
Faith leaders and nonprofit community groups are worried about Gov. Tom Corbett’s proposed budget, which would cut $23 million that counties use to partially fund programs such as emergency shelters, child-abuse prevention and medical transportation, reports the Patriot-News.
Pocono Mountain School District was sued in federal court in Scranton for banning a fifth-grader from handing out fliers for a church Christmas party.
Westboro Baptist Church picketers say they plan to protest at the funeral for seven Perry County children who died in a house fire Tuesday.
The Catholic diocese of Allentown has appealed a Vatican ruling that several shuttered churches in the diocese must reopen for worship.
The Erie Times-News looks at the growth of women in religious leadership roles.
In time for Lent, Catholics have a new translation of the Old Testament, which replaces words such as “booty” and uses more inclusive language than its 41-year-old predecessor.
And a columnist appeals for the crumbling future of historic religious buildings: Do they have a prayer for survival?

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