Historic York wants church building saved

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Preservationists at the group Historic York Inc. want to protect a United Methodist building in York that’s been condemned.
The city fire department ordered the demolition of Trinity UMC at 241 E. King St. after structural problems were found in its sanctuary. Trinity leaders can choose to demolish the building — which includes several large religious murals and abuts the York County Heritage Trust — or present plans to make repairs.
In its latest newsletter, Historic York, a nonprofit group that seeks to protect architecture in the county, says the Gothic Revival church dating to 1896 was designed by noted local architect Harry E. Yessler, calling it an “iconic architectural gem.”
“This architecturally significant icon is being threatened by a deteriorated roof structure but otherwise is structurally sound,” the newsletter reads.
Church leaders have so far declined to comment on the building’s future.

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One Response to Historic York wants church building saved

  1. yorkman1 says:

    so, is HYI going to pony money up for it, or merely tell them what to do in their pious fashion? A couple other old churches in York too could use their support – not their arrogant approach to preserve them before they too are lost to decline both physically and member-wise. What good is HYI in this, what help (if that word applies) are they?

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