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Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

It’s late October again, which means another Christian debate over whether it is appropriate to celebrate Halloween. The tradition has roots in pagan rituals and ancient practices of sacrifice and evil spirits. Many Christians equate Halloween with a satanic holiday. … Continue reading

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Fairfield church works toward world peace

Fairfield Mennonite Church may be a relatively small congregation, but it still has big goals. Making a real contribution to world peace is one of them. The church is holding its annual Fair Trade International Gift Festival and Oriental Rug … Continue reading

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The spirituality of men

I’m doing an interview later with a group of men who draw inspiration from the Promise Keepers movement. It has me thinking about the whole concept of male spirituality and our roles as husbands/boyfriends, fathers/mentors and friends/companions. The Promise Keepers … Continue reading

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Update time

Very much enjoying my first venture into blogging. Please let me know if you want to see something different in this space, or you have a particular issue in mind. Or just drop me a line to introduce yourself or … Continue reading

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Stunning arrest

Ever since the start of the Catholic sex abuse scandals 25 years ago, critics have called for the bishops to be held accountable. That may finally be happening. The grand jury indictment of Bishop Robert W. Finn, and the Diocese … Continue reading

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Is prosperity theology OK?

I grew up during the 1980s when, unfortunately, many televangelists fell victim to scandal. The defrocked ministers Jimmy Swaggart and Jim Bakker were major pop culture figures from the decade. Their sprawling ministries earned millions and brought both in close … Continue reading

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Is Romney’s Mormonism an issue?

Politics means playing hardball. And when religion is tossed into the mix, the results can be uncomfortable and, well, downright unseemly. We had a moment like that last week when the Rev. Robert Jeffress, a Baptist minister from Dallas, called … Continue reading

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Teachers criticized for praying

I received an interesting email this week concerning the See You at the Sept. 28 Pole event. The events passed by uneventfully here in York County, but that wasn’t the case in Tennessee. See You at the Pole has been … Continue reading

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Big opening for “Courageous”

Question: Name the movie that did twice as much business per screen last weekend as that Brad Pitt movie? Need a hint? This movie opened in less than half as many theaters as the new Seth Rogan film “50/50,” yet … Continue reading

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