Big opening for “Courageous”

Question: Name the movie that did twice as much business per screen last weekend as that Brad Pitt movie?

Need a hint? This movie opened in less than half as many theaters as the new Seth Rogan film “50/50,” yet took in more money.

Still nothing? One last clue: This movie was made for about $2 million, or 1/35th the cost of the shoot-em-up flick, “Killer Elite.”

Oh yeah, and this movie made almost five times as much money per theater as “Killer Elite.”

Give up? The movie is “Courageous” and it checks in at No. 4 after a blockbuster opening weekend.

The faith-based movie tells the story of four police officers and their efforts to become better fathers. It is on its way to becoming the latest success story for Sherwood Pictures, an offshoot of the Sherwood Baptist Church.

Based in Georgia, Sherwood produced “Fireproof” (2008) and “Facing the Giants” (2006). Both were highly successful.

Sherwood has a tried-and-true marketing plan that relies on local churches. Check out this coming Monday’s edition of The Daily Record when I profile one local minister’s successful efforts to get “Courageous” shown here. He managed to sell 1,400 tickets ahead of time, which persuaded Sherwood to add the movie to the Regal West Manchester Mall.

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