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When churches battle

We tend to think of church as a sacred place where peace and love wins out over the daily conflict life brings. At least I have anyway. In five months covering religion here at the York Daily Record, I have … Continue reading

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Marriage equality splitting churches

Washington is poised to become the seventh state (plus D.C.) to allow same-sex marriage, an issue that has generated plenty of notice locally. Marriage equality is also a topic on the campaign trail, as the Republican candidates for president all … Continue reading

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Pastor exhaustion

We find a lot of comfort in our pastors. That is one of the surprising things I have learned so far covering religion — that congregations are very invested in their church leaders. The reasons are fairly obvious when you … Continue reading

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Former York pastor inspired by Paterno

I know we’re all a little weary after a week of mourning Coach Joe, but I have to share this thoughtful recollection from the Rev. Charles Fitzgerald, whose chance meeting with Coach Paterno gave him resolve to fight through difficult … Continue reading

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Talking Megadeth and contraception

OK, here’s another confession about me: I came of age in the 80s. It was a wonderful time of Ronald Reagan, Rubik’s Cubes and Rock n’ Roll. And admittedly, our rock n’ roll music trended towards the absurd. From Rick … Continue reading

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Pastor Rooney’s final sermon

Sunday, I attended Rev. Patrick Rooney’s final sermon at Christ Lutheran Church. Here’s the story: The Rev. Patrick Rooney is known for taking laps around the Christ Lutheran Church pews holding the babies he had just baptised. There would be … Continue reading

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Gingrich’s colorful church past

Just a short update today as work is piling up. But I did want to give Newt Gingrich a turn in the spotlight after his dominating win in the South Carolina GOP primary Saturday. Polls show that Newt’s victory was … Continue reading

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Paterno reaction from church

The sad news of former Penn State coaching legend Joe Paterno’s death came as I waited for 10:45 a.m. church services to begin at Christ Lutheran Church in York. Many congregants at Christ Lutheran were unaware of the news after … Continue reading

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Should pastors get rich?

Sometimes I tag questions at the end of these posts for a variety of reasons — to promote thoughtful discussion or generate feedback, for example. Today’s topic is one that I genuinely struggle with and would appreciate hearing what you … Continue reading

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How we came to be ‘One Nation Under God’

In the midst of daily attacks on his opulent lifestyle, Mitt Romney told Matt Lauer the other day that it amounts to “class warfare” that is inconsistent with the American ideal of “one nation under God.” That prompted the New … Continue reading

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