Roe v Wade turns 39

Some Roe v Wade news came across my desk this week as Sunday marks the 39th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision.

First, in local news, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Harrisburg is sending several busloads of parishioners to join The March for Life in Washington, D.C. on Monday.

Bishop Joseph McFadden will march with those attending from the diocese. He will meet the marchers just prior to the event for a brief address and then impart his blessing on them.

The buses will depart from 14 known locations in the 15 county diocese including parish and school facilities. A full list of departure sites, times and contact information is available here.


From the national desk, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network, comes this: a 21-year-old employee of the Girl Scouts of America has resigned because of the way she was treated over a pro-life t-shirt she was wearing while off duty.

Renise Rodriguez, a religious studies major at the University of Arizona in Tucson , worked as an experience associate for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. When she recently visited the office to pick up some belongings—off duty—while wearing a t-shirt with the pro-life message “Pray to End Abortion,” she was told to immediately take off her shirt, change it or turn it inside out if she was planning to stay at the office.

Rodriquez says she was “shocked at the way (she) was treated” and decided to resign after a day of consideration.

“Parents around the country should be outraged at this story,” said Colin Hanna, president of the Pennsylvania Pastors’ Network and Let Freedom Ring. “Not only are the Girls Scouts moving farther and farther away from the values our young women need, they are squashing those who do find a cause they believe in and defend. These young women should be making up their own mind about their core beliefs, rather than simply subscribing to what the rest of the world tells them to.”

The Girls Scouts recently came under fire for their ties to Planned Parenthood, as well as for allowing a transgendered boy to join a troop in Denver. Hanna claims that some parents are turning to alternative girls groups, such as the American Heritage Girls, a “national character development organization for young women that embraces Christian values and encourages family involvement.”


Finally, three days before Saturday’s GOP presidential primary, there are signs that South Carolina evangelical Protestant leaders are starting to follow the lead of peers in Iowa and Houston who have rejected Mitt Romney, a Mormon, in favor of Rick Santorum, a Catholic.

The driving thrust of the evangelical argument: Homosexuality.

I received a press release this morning on behalf of the Rev. Huey Mills, pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Lancaster, S.C., who is endorsing Santorum. In a statement, Mills said:

“In obedience to the Judeo-Christian Scriptures, most South Carolinans and I have a sane and healthy homophobia, while Mitt Romney has a very bad case of homophilia; the man very clearly endorses dangerous, unhealthy homosexual conduct. Romney actually proclaimed gay youth pride days as governor of Massachusetts.”

Santorum remains behind Romney in polling.


Many thanks to Doug Walters of Shrewsbury Borough for pointing out that Romney made a major speech on religion in 2007 – the “Faith in America” speech.

The text can be found here:

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  1. Amy says:

    Kudos to the Girl Scouts for supporting teen pregnancy prevention programs that empower young women to take control of their reproductive health and make responsible decisions. To hell with the hyper-religious crackpots who advocate a government takeover of women’s bodies so they can impose their extremist beliefs on everyone and force women to endure pregnancy and childbirth against their will, even when it is detrimental to the health or life of the woman.

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