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Santorum loses Catholic vote

Let’s look at last night’s primary contests. That sound you hear is a big “Whew!” coming from the Romney camp. By winning Michigan (his home state) and Arizona, the Mitt re-established himself as the frontrunner for the GOP nomination. Now … Continue reading

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York neighborhood ready for change

I witnessed quite a humbling scene last night — a diverse group of Yorkers gathering at the Abundant Life Ministries building at 32 S. Belvedere St. I saw retirees, black ministers, young couples, city officials and so many others — … Continue reading

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First Storify done on Lent

View the story “What are you giving up for Lent?” on Storify

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Megachurch LCBC set to open York campus

Breaking a little news in the blog today. My colleague April Trotter, doing that multi-platform journalist thing she does so well, was in Baltimore Saturday and snapped the photo you see here somewhere (I haven’t quite mastered the exact placement … Continue reading

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Is Lent sacrifice a private thing?

So I started looking for people who are making sacrifices for Lent last week. The Living staff has been bantering about it and telling stories, so it seemed like a natural story. After all, Lent is a pretty big deal … Continue reading

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Could York support an inner-city ministry?

First Presbyterian Church of York, 225 E. Market St., welcomes back the Rev. Dr. John Galloway Sunday. Galloway, who led the church from 1972-80, will preach all three services at 8, 8:45 and 11 a.m. I already have a story … Continue reading

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Church mergers on the rise in York County

Heard this morning about another church merger. This time, it’s two African-American churches in the city who are combining to become one. I should have the details ready to report by tomorrow at this time. This will be at least … Continue reading

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Wanted: York interfaith coordinator

One thing I have noticed in my (almost) six months covering religion in York County is that a lot of churches and faith-based groups are doing a lot of great things in York. Certainly we try to cover them all. … Continue reading

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Santorum takes on contraception

Didn’t get to this one Thursday, but the debate over contraception took a new turn when Foster Freiss, Republican candidate Rick Santorum’s main financial backer, said last week that women used to put aspirin between their knees to avoid pregnancy. … Continue reading

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I’ll have a shot of religion

A bishop walked into a bar … and they asked him to leave. OK, I stole that from Religion News Service, but the line is accurate. It happened in Denver, where the archdiocese’s Theology on Tap program was not well … Continue reading

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