Shiloh hoodies

As promised Monday, here is the picture of the hoodies worn in support of Trayvon Martin at Shiloh Baptist Church Sunday.

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I grew up in Susquehanna County, Pa. and graduated Syracuse University with a dual degree in journalism/political science in 1998. After working for nearly three years for a weekly paper in upstate New York, I came to southcentral Pennsylvania. I spent 13 years as a reporter and editor for The Sentinel in Carlisle and joined the York Daily Record as religion reporter in September 2011.
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  1. Ralph Sierra says:

    I was in Tennessee last week and we celebrated Christmas by attending a church service at a small Episcopalian chapel. My family’s is Catholic, but due to our remote location, time of night, and the weather, we chose that chapel as our place to pray, thank God, and to honor Him for the gift of himself that he gave to the world.

    The pastor spoke about reading a letter to the editor of a local newspaper that he read which talked about the tragedy at Newtown Ct. , and how it effected the Magic of Christmas. The Pastor went on to say that as Christians we were there not that night to celebrate magic, but to celebrate a miracle.

    I myself, might have use that phrase “magic of Christmas” in the past, and it was good to hear him address it in the way he did. Words have meaning, and the “Miracle of Christmas” are still only our simple words to describe the gifts we received that first Christmas. Thank you Pastor.

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