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Pew poll: gay marriage support climbing

I received the following press release today summing up the findings from a new Pew Research Center poll on gay marriage. Of course, the Democratic Party announced over the weekend that support for gay marriage will be a plank in … Continue reading

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Where was God in Aurora?

I usually don’t steal from other blogs unless it’s something really, really good. Borrow, yes. Steal rarely. But CNN’s Belief blog generated a fascinating discussion last week with the simple question: Where was God in Aurora? The question generated over … Continue reading

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Chick-fil-A igniting a culture war

The Chick-fil-A story seems to be hotter with each passing day, with nearly everyone having an opinion on the comments by Dan Cathey last week. Cathey said the restaurant chain is “guilty as charged” in its support for traditional marriage. … Continue reading

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Comparing Pope John Paul II and Penn State

I listen to a lot of talk radio to and from work and at least once daily, a caller compares the Penn State sex abuse scandal with that of the Roman Catholic Church. That talk has ratcheted up this week. … Continue reading

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SNAP: Penn State got off easy

Now that I’ve got your attention, rest assured this is not an opinion piece. I think the NCAA did a fine job, but I am not a Penn State grad, so my passion is in check on this one. But … Continue reading

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Chick-fil-A mixing Christianity, LGBT rights and chicken

I love Chick-fil-A. I can’t help it. If I’m near a restaurant, those incredible chicken sandwiches pull me in every time. Chick-fil-A is a restaurant and a very successful one. Why Chick-fil-A president Dan Cathey would make the comments he … Continue reading

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Trinity UMC sale on hold

I received an email this week forwarded by Sue Diaz of Potter’s House, a Hispanic church attempting to buy the historic Trinity United Methodist Church in York. The email, from a commercial loan officer at a prominent local bank, explains … Continue reading

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Man Hee Lee in America

Have you heard about the story of Man Hee Lee? Me neither. Until last week, that is. A Christian instructor from Korea, Man Hee Lee has spend his life fighting for Christianity in a land where Buddism and Taoism are … Continue reading

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Some disagree with Episcopal Church decision on same-sex couples

The Rev. David Lovelace is back from the Episcopal General Convention in Indianapolis and briefed his congregation Sunday on the changes he supported. Namely, the convention proposal to bless same-sex relationships. “I think it’s about time we say, ‘We respect … Continue reading

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The Potter’s House says it will purchase Trinity Lutheran Church in York

Breaking real news on the blog today: The Potter’s House, a downtown Hispanic church, says it has a deal in place to purchase the historic Trinity United Methodist Church in York. The Hispanic church is paying $105,000 for the church, … Continue reading

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