Man Hee Lee in America

Have you heard about the story of Man Hee Lee? Me neither.

Until last week, that is. A Christian instructor from Korea, Man Hee Lee has spend his life fighting for Christianity in a land where Buddism and Taoism are by far the dominant religions.

It has earned the 81-year-old Hee Lee a dedicated following and a bit of fame late in life. Every month in Korea, more than 3,000 people gather to listen to Hee Lee, and that number is growing rapidly.

Pastors from 28 different countries invited the instructor to come to Europe. Because of the high demand, Hee Lee returned to Europe on July 4th for the second time.

Hee Lee followed that up with a trip to the United States. He spoke July 14 at The Times Center in New York, NY and will appear July 21 at the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, Calif.

Here is a very short interview about Hee Lee, with subtitles.

Hee Lee is the descendant of a Korean royal family of the Joseon Dynasty—a house with 500 years of history. Born in 1931 from a rural farming region, Man Hee Lee was given his name, meaning complete light, by his grandfather—who before Lee’s birth had a precognitive dream regarding a light of heaven shining down.

Hee Lee founded and manages hundreds of free churches and Bible schools inside and outside the country for any believers who are interested. Hee Lee is the founder and director of 300 Bible schools around the world, offering thousands of classes.

To date, worldwide, there are over 85,000 graduates, approximately 20,000 additional students are still learning, making this the largest Bible school in the world. His teaching is based solely on the Bible. The Bible is the only basis of doctrine taught.

Normally, I am suspicious of religious figures who acquire such a large following, but Hee Lee seems like a genuine man of God. A very interesting fellow.

About John Hilton

I grew up in Susquehanna County, Pa. and graduated Syracuse University with a dual degree in journalism/political science in 1998. After working for nearly three years for a weekly paper in upstate New York, I came to southcentral Pennsylvania. I spent 13 years as a reporter and editor for The Sentinel in Carlisle and joined the York Daily Record as religion reporter in September 2011.
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  1. Mary S. says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for this post. I’m actually waiting for Man Hee Lee to speak this Saturday in Garden Grove. I’m eager to see why he’s so influential with what he has to say.

    I’m usually suspicious of religious figures myself but I haven’t found anything wrong with this instructor. He seems very sincere and someone anointed by God.

  2. Julian says:

    Thanks for such a great post! I’m really excited to hear him speak here in California! I feel like this man is truly someone special. Amidst so much hardship and persecution, he still keeps going! he must have such a strong faithwalk.

  3. Hyeon-Soog says:

    Thanks so much for posting about Lee Man-Hee, chairman of Shinchonji Church of Jesus.
    I’m one of members of Shinchonji Church of Jesus in Seoul, South Korea. ^^

    I’d like to invite you to find some of the revealed words of God
    Finders Keepers!
    You won’t lose anything but get everything.
    Blessing to you. ^^b

  4. jason says:

    I am an evangelical Christian and read Mr. Lee´s 500 plus book. Here´s a brief review from a Christian perspective.

    The author, who appears genuine, was formerly part of three other Korean apocalyptic movements. Mr. Lee asserts that Shinchonji was created in 1984, the year the ¨universe completed its orbit¨ (p. 44). Lee takes the reader through a series of events leading up to the ¨promised pastor,¨ who is also one of the two witnesses in Revelation, the male child in Rev. 12, the white horse upon which Jesus returns in Rev. 19, and the ¨only one who overcomes¨ in Rev. 2,3. When one meditates on the Christian Scriptures, the emphasis is on the person of Christ. When one reads through ¨Creation of Heaven and Earth,¨ the emphasis is on Mr. Lee. Moreover, Lee speaks harshly towards any Christian who does not accept his explanations, even contending that those who leave Shinchonji will have ¨seven spirits¨ enter them (p. 351). Lee simplifies the meaning of Bible events and introduces new applications to parables. He writes that Israel should mean ¨one who overcomes¨ (the same as the author`s identity in Revelation) instead of the Hebrew meaning of ¨one who strives with God¨. Lee beckons Christian readers to abandon their churches and follow him for final salvation. A significant portion of the symbols in Revelation refer back to Mr. Lee`s appearance and teachings. Genesis ch. 1-4 is also an allegory of the end-times (e.g. trees represent pastors and people). Lee focuses on the need for a final pastor in the end, which supplants the biblical focus of the need for a Redeemer. In his commentary on the seven churches in Revelation, Lee says they represent seven pastors of one church in South Korea who, like John the Baptist, prepared God`s people for the second coming and Lee`s arrival. In Christian teaching, God glorified Jesus` human nature, not his spirit, but Lee teaches that Jesus is now only a spirit. Therefore, Christ does not return visibly. Although readers may be intrigued by new applications of Christian Scriptures, these and other points show that Lee´s applications deviate from many clear meanings in the Bible.

    • Sonny says:

      Awesome! Thank you so much for that review. You’ve done a good job of exposing the heresies this man teaches. May God continue to grant His servants a spirit of discernment in these last days against blasphemous teachings such as Mr. Lee’s.

    • Julian says:

      Hi Jason, if one truly knew the Scriptures, and one truly meditated on them, you’re right, God and Christ should come to heart and mind. Then if one truly tested the words of Mr. Lee, you would discover that his words are solely and purely based on the Bible which means that he only speaks the Word of God. If one truly knew God and Christ, that person would know their will and work according to that will. If you look at the world of Christianity, it is full of corruption, and people following their own will claiming it is God’s. If you were to discern correctly, based on what a person speaks and the works that the individual does, it would be clear and evident that Mr. Lee is only doing God’s work and only speaks God’s Words. If you think his teachings are false, then please lead us to a correct understanding of Scripture, please show us who has the explanation of Revelation and it’s fulfillment. No one can unless they are chosen and given the Revelation from God, and one has seen the actual events and can testify to it. As believers, let’s all seek to find truth and love one another so that we can all enter the kingdom of heaven together.

      • brianna says:

        it’s saddening to see how people are quick to listen to man and make false assumptions about mr. man hee lee.

    • Chuck says:

      I too am an evangelical Christian, brought up in a Christian family and even educated at a Christian University.
      I have done some reading myself regarding Mr. Lee and the Shinchonji church. I have a few questions for you.
      In regards to his involvement with other Korean apocalyptic movements, I have read that his previous involvement with these groups is what allowed him to “see and hear” the events described in Revelation chapters 2-3 causing him to send letters on Jesus’ behalf asking his prior church members to repent. Furthermore, if someone (such as Mr. Lee) had been involved in groups that became corrupt, ( rv. 2:5 “Remember the height from which you have fallen!”), wouldn’t it make sense that he would want to initiate a group that wasn’t corrupt? This historical fact actually seems to make sense to me in relation to Revelation chapters 2-3. I know it doesn’t specifically say in the book of Revelation the details of how those prophetic events would play out, but neither did the prophecies in the Old Testament (regarding Jesus) spell out exactly how they would fulfill in the future.
      I also wanted to ask in regards to your statement that Mr. Lee places emphasis on himself rather than on Christ. First of all, I attended the seminar at Crystal Cathedral and Mr. Lee very clearly stated that he is only doing what is commanded of him by Jesus, and that the words he speaks are not his own but only those of Jesus. He finished wanting to offer all glory to God and really didn’t desire any praise for himself. Furthermore, in looking at the scriptures, God worked to be one with his chosen people for around 4000 years before Christ came. Throughout that time, God always chose one person in the flesh to convey His word and commands to the rest of the people (adam, noah, abraham, moses, joshua, Jesus). So would we say that Jesus when he came took emphasis off of God as the creator? No, because Jesus repeatedly gave glory to the Father and only did the Father’s will (Jn 6:38). So in the book of Revelation, Jesus sends an Angel to His “servant John” who testifies to “the word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ” (Rv. 1:1). This servant is put in charge to tell the other servants what must soon take place. It sounds similar to the work that God carried out through Jesus at the 1st coming. Not to say that this servant (Mr. Lee) is Jesus, but that in the Era of Revelation, Jesus is the one working on a person to convey His message of revelation.
      It doesn’t seem to me that what Mr. Lee is saying is deviating from scripture. Furthermore, I am curious to know the “clear meanings” of scripture you are referencing.

    • Shane Rickards says:

      Jason-another comment in response to you below, but this one more on a specific topic. You are saying that you don’t believe that trees represent Pastors and people in the Bible?

    • Peter says:

      Thanks you. I’m curious what book is that from?

      I’ve been interested in Korean messiah figures and their cults for a while now and I’d never heard of Lee until a couple of weeks ago. Cheers.

  5. Sonny says:

    Two words. False Prophet

    • Dean Thomas says:

      Before you say such things, learn the entire Bible first! If you claim you do, what does the book of Revelation really mean? And be careful what you say (Rev 22:18-19)!

    • Jake says:

      Prove it according to the Bible

    • Amy Lee says:

      What is the standard of a false prophet? Only if the person speaks outside of scripture is a false prophet.
      No one has ever spoke about the book of Revelation so clearly.
      This man is truly the Anointed one!

      • Stephanie says:

        Yup, I think so too. The lady who went up to say this man is a false prophet, literally everyone where I was sitting at, near the back were like, “Doesn’t she read the bible? He’s speaking from the bible. She needs to read the bible.” Man, I’d be embarrassed. Then everybody clapped when the instructor said that she can speak in the lobby…. He was so confident.

  6. Amy Lee says:

    I think this is so amazing…speaking of the bible only with the bible without referencing other commentaries written by men.
    i have never in my life seen such a man.
    Thank you so much for this post!

    • littlefoot says:

      Yes! He is the genuine God has sent this earth for us.
      What a wonderful era we live in.
      The new testament has opened. Very good news!

  7. Dean Thomas says:

    TRUTH: mastering the Bible, understanding God’s Will, knowing God’s heart! God gave us the Bible so we can understand it, not to make us more confused. If one knew the entirety of the Bible, they would see that what Man hee Lee says makes perfect sense. Hearing him speak, you can see his humility and how genuine he is.

  8. Leah Thomson says:

    Wow, thank you for this great article! I felt the same way here in Garden Grove. He is genuine, and really wanted to explain the whole book of Revelation. He kept telling us to know the Bible so that we can judge him if he’s wrong. Even though I had some uneasiness during the seminar, I still can’t discredit what he says without carefully checking out what he says with Scripture.

  9. Justin says:

    I recently saw him in Garden Grove, CA, and boy was I glad I did. People have the right to discern for themselves what is right and what is wrong, but before we can, we really have to hear it from the source before we prejudge. And that is exactly why I went. Everything he said and testified to was in scripture, and was more hopeful and believable than any other explanation of Revelation that I’ve heard in my life. Please, listen to his testimony for yourself, with an open heart. I’m sure glad I did.

  10. CN612 says:

    Went to this seminar too. You’re right John, I noticed he is unlike other religious leaders who also have a large following – very humble, very sincere. Seems like he is someone to look for more in the future.

  11. Eric says:


    The seminar past Saturday at the Crystal Cathedral gave me a good overall picture of Revelation. Examine the words Man Hee Lee speaks, he only quotes scripture.

    If this man was a false prophet, wouldn’t they be asking for money? Wouldn’t they be using scripture for their own gain? He never raised himself during the seminar. Jesus told him to speak his words and that was what Man Lee did.

    Don’t believe in this man, but the words that are spoken because the words are not his own, but from Christ who sent him. If you can’t believe this testimony written and fulfilled according to the bible, but you are able to believe testimonies written by other pastors and Christians, why read the bible at all?

  12. Ryan says:

    I was able to see him speak in LA. It is quite evident that God is using him as in instrument to guide us with knowledge and understanding. As you stated, he is quite the interesting fellow!! Thank you for the post.

  13. Allison Lea says:

    I heard this man speak many times and he is NOT a false prophet. I am sorry to those who were not able to see and hear and perceive.. He speaks only according to the word and NOTHING he said was not based on scripture. He truly testifies to what he has seen and heard from Christ himself. He is the One Who Overcame that Jesus promised in the New Testament would come. I encourage everyone to not listen to man’s words but hear for themselves and TRULY pray for God to help them discern the TRUTH. I am a proud member of Shinchonji and can testify that this man appeared according to the Bible. We as believers must truly use the word to distinguish false teachings, starting with what it means to be a false prophet according to the word..

  14. Chelsea says:

    I can see why people would be skeptical of this teaching and even disagree, but after hearing for myself I realize that those people are close minded and automatically disagree with the unknown. We need to be equipped with the word so that we can distinguish what are truly false doctrines ie) anything that differs from the word, including all man’s teaching and thinking in man made doctrines and commentaries. He does not speak using anything other that the word of God and what he was commanded by Jesus to speak and say. I was truly blessed hearing him in person this past saturday and I can proudly say I will follow as long as this matches the Bible.

  15. jason should clearly post whats written in the books and not add his own interpretations and add ins in to them. There is also no 500+ books i dont see for what reason you would lie? take one of their classes like i have and you wont be lying as i did myself which i really regret doing.

  16. Thegreenlady says:

    I actually heard him speak and I have to admit he does speak according to the Scriptures. I was amazed how everything he said was according to the Bible. Everyone should at least give him a chance to hear what he has to say.

  17. VERA KIM says:

    I am a Chinese student studying abroad in Korea. I am not a Christan before I become a member of Shinchonji . When I first came to Korea I was surprise to see so much churches here. I was interested about the religion life here , so I always go to different churches with my friends. But I always fall asleep when priests preaching the Gospel. Actually they are not preaching the Gospel,they are just reading Bible and talk something about themselves.So it is no wonder I fall asleep.But I was shocked to hear such awsome preach once I went to the church of Shinchonji. It was almost the first time I didn’t fall asleep when the priest preaching the Gospel. The priest explained the Bible so well which made me absorbed in it. Therefore I started studying Bible in Shinchonji which makes my life so colorful. Thank you God,you are filled with love and lead me to the real priest,Man Hee Lee,who preaches your word by heart and soul. May Your kingdom come; may Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

  18. Anayah says:

    I actually went to Lee’s seminar in Garden Grove last weekend.
    Lee was very genuine and humble. Yet he was very confident about what he was testifying.

  19. Shane Rickards says:

    I think it’s good that you did a bit or research Jason before reaching conclusions, but let’s keep in mind that even at the time of the first coming, God’s people, His chosen people, their teachers of the law, their pastors, they did not accept their Messiah. They made arguments much like you have made to proclaim Jesus as a false teacher, saying He was demon-possessed, a blasphemer, a deceiver, a cult leader. Even though all of their teachers including the high priest condemned Him, spit on Him, called Him names, and blasphemed Him, before putting Him to death, that didn’t make them right. But if you were alive at that time, would you have had the faith to stand up against that and say to all of the spiritual leaders of that era…”You’re wrong.” Yet today, a man comes along with what sounds like a new teaching, much like Jesus own words were a new teaching at that time, and you so easily dismiss it because it doesn’t match the doctrines that came forth from a man-made seminary school? Because it doesn’t match Calvin-a mass murderer and false prophet? Because he doesn’t teach the Rapture, a made up modern day teaching that was never taught for the first 1800 years of Christianity? Maybe we should be careful before calling someone a cult. Maybe we should work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, and be careful who we throw stones at.

  20. healinghands89 says:

    I went to the seminar the one held at crystal cathedral. I must say he truly is the promised pastor in the new testament, the physical fulfillment of the prophecy. Through his sermon I felt Gods throne and the spirit of the angel working within him. For those who are skeptical of this instructor, you will change your mind once you hear him speak. He is amazing!!!

  21. Renee Barker says:

    Thank you for blogging with an open heart to this instructor. I heard his words for myself and I agree he is a genuine man of God. You’d never guess his age by his passion and drive. He wants all to hear his testimony as words of life. Definitely a diamond in the rough.

  22. Linus says:

    My friend took me to the seminar and I was really skeptical, even to the point where I thought about backing out. I’m so glad I went!! I stopped going to church a long time ago because I was tired of hearing what all these different pastors THINK the bible means. This man spoke so clearly and concisely about the bible, he backed everything up with scripture, and he explained everything fully. He never talked about his opinion, his interpretation, or what he thought it might be. It was all very clearly the truth according to scriptures. He renewed my faith in God and reignited my passion for the Word. I am so thankful to Man Hee Lee!!

  23. johngreen says:

    Oh I actually went to the seminar here at California and i have got to say it was one of the best. I really just needed to hear Truth and after hearing Man Hee Lee speak God’s Word, I felt so grateful. Thank you God and Jesus for leading me to this event!

  24. Danielle M. says:

    wow, free bible school? where and how can i enroll? normally these would cost money…. its really refreshing to know that this is solely based off of the scriptures only too. there has to be something very special if many people including pastors gather to hear him speak….id like to find out for myself

  25. Julius Lee says:

    I must say that I was pretty skeptical of going to the event that took place over here in California, but boy am I a doubter proved wrong. The very words that he spoke were said boldly, confidently, and according to scripture. Surely I will continue to test the spirits to assure myself that everything I take in is sound, but for anyone to judge a book by its cover is making a huge mistake.

    For believers, we should be praying to God for discernment and hear for ourselves. This was such an amazing opportunity that I set aside 3 hours and took part of. Well worth it.

  26. Al says:

    I was skeptical when I first hear about the seminar. There are so many different people out there who claim to know and understand the book of Revelation and what will happen at the end times. But because the seminar was for free and I didn’t have much to lose, so I went. It wasn’t what I expected at all. Beside the warm welcomes and the great worship, I was truly amazed once Mr. Lee began to spoke. For a man who is over 80 years old, and who can speak of Revelation chapters 1-20 without taking a break for over 2 hours is unbelievable. He was very detailed and clear with each explanation. He spoke with a very humble and genuine heart–he only wanted to speak what he needed to say. Its really up to us if we want to believe it or not. I chose to believe.

  27. Allie Phan says:

    I was blown away by how the speakers word of testimony, he speaks as one who is knowledgeable and one who is sent by God. He was very humble and thoughtful to even preach to everyone who is willing to listen. Even he himself, if he did not want to, was commanded. He has a big heart to do God’s work and I was truly blessed to have come to this seminar and receive so much grace without any cost.

  28. Stephanie says:

    I liked him. He testified to us for 2.5 hours, and said there’s not enough time. There was something more… So I’m going to take their Follow-up Study. :) The seminar was so great that I just didn’t want to end it there. I really feel like God guided me there. Also, if someone wants to judge, please do that after you hear his testimony.

  29. Eric says:

    I went to the seminar and it was amazing!
    The best seminar!

  30. Eric says:

    I went to seminar and it was the best seminar ever!!

  31. Jason S. says:

    Korean instructor, Man Hee Lee…
    He is a real believer.
    When I heard his speech with bible, I could feel it and my spiritual eyes were opened. It’s really graceful time.
    Thank you for this article.
    Let’s love each other in God’s love.

  32. John says:

    When I visited in california, I went to this seminar.
    It was so amazing seminar! even I used translator but he moved my heart….

  33. Andres says:

    I attended the Crystal Cathedral Seminar last week. It was fantastic! Would definitely recommend checking this guy out to every believer who loves the Bible. I know a lot of pastors seem to hate him, and there’s a lot of name-calling, but that’s because he’s exposing the corruption of a lot of the churches today using the Word of God itself.

  34. ana says:

    how can anyone, especially a Christian, say that he’s a false prophet? We have Bibles. We have ears. And we have God who gives us the wisdom to discern the truth. Let’s stop giving our ears to the rumors and false accusations and follow only the Word of God!

  35. ester says:

    i agree. i heard mr. man hee lee speak. I can tell the Spirit of God is really using him.

  36. ester says:

    most humble and sincere man ever. no joke.

  37. Michelle Santiago says:

    I must say, it was really interesting to hear the speaker. I want to hear more and study more of what he has to say before I can fully say anything. He said to check for myself and others have been mentioning that too. It really sparked my curiosity and I want to know more. Its so fascinating He was able to speak all books of revelation.

  38. Angie Santos says:

    I went to this seminar not really knowing what to expect. I entered being a bit skeptical but I am genuinely so thankful someone gave me a flyer for this seminar. He was so bold and confident when he spoke regarding revelation. He literally went through each chapter of revelation, and I have never heard or seen anyone do that without flaw or error. He spoke left and right referring to bible verses and to be honest, I couldnt keep up but still, I want to hear more!!

  39. PRaise lee says:

    First I was felt awkward because it was new and totally different sermon I ever heard also I was really really really surprised. fact that the sermon was according to the bible. I thought was the interpretation of the scripture how
    usually what we heard was World War III 666 Bar-code or whatever but it wasn’t .

  40. Sam Earl says:

    I’ve been telling my friends and family from church about this seminar. I went because a good friend invited me. Honestly speaking, I was initially a little skeptical of the event and the speaker himself, but my friend kept telling me to keep listening until the very end.

    Let me note- I am so glad I did! I came in saying, “What the heck is this?” and left with, “Wow, let me sign up for the follow up study!” haha

  41. Kelsey Rodriguez says:

    Thank you John for posting this article and video. Like you said, Man Hee Lee is a genuine man of God and an interesting fellow. But he’s more than interesting, he’s unique. Im so blessed to have heard him speak at the seminar and I am hoping for another great event as the open bible seminar. Hopefully, he can come back soon to speak again, I would definitely come again with an open heart.

  42. Richard says:

    I attended this seminar in Garden Grove and I’m so thankful I went. The words this man was speaking was truly according to the scriptures and I witnessed that. It was amazing to hear him speak so confidently and boldly and what really struck me was that he had nothing to hide. This man knew the Word so well and was testifying completely according to the Bible.

  43. aaron says:

    I’ve heard so many things about this seminar. I really wish I had gone. I’m hoping Instructor Lee will come back for another one sometime soon so I can see what all the buzz is about

  44. Cynthia says:

    Why have so many people prejudged Man Hee Lee? Are you that easily persuaded by people’s opinions? Like Justin said, we need to first hear from the source – this is Man Hee Lee himself, then judge for yourself. Even Man Lee said that he has not come to judge but to be judged. He wants people to test for themselves only with the bible to see if what he has seen and heard is in accordance to it. Isn’t that what we should do? The bible is the standard of truth. Please, lets not be so closed hearted right away. Yea it may seem like something that is so new, but because he’s making this claim that he has seen and heard the fulfillment, shouldn’t we really test to see if it is true? Please, lets test everything according to God’s word and have a heart to listen before making judgment.

  45. shine says:

    Due to the dense content of Revelation and the limited time span of 2 hours, Instructor Lee didn’t explain the fulfillment of revelation in thorough detail as much as he wanted to. He simply introduced the overall content of Revelation and its fulfillment. So I highly recommend–no, I sincerely urge–anyone who wants to examine further to sign up for the follow up study of the seminar and see for yourself the details of the fulfillment according to the Word of God.

  46. Stephanie says:

    Belif & Beyond,

    Thank you for posting up this article the way it is, not twisting the way a selective few wants to hear.


  47. Jean Lee says:

    Thank you so much for this post.
    its nice to see things for what they really are.
    these days there are so many lies and exaggerations…
    but this seminar, the group SCJ is definitely beyond what i expected:)

  48. LoveALways says:

    Magnificent. Awesome. Noteworthy. Hopeful. Engaging. Evidence. Light. Exalting God. Examine for yourself. These are just some of the words that characterized this seminar. Man Hee Lee’s teaching didn’t go in one ear and out the other like most sermon’s I’ve listened to, but it really captivated my heart and gave me the desire to examine scripture more thoroughly. When someone guides me through, it really helps because otherwise it feels like just words on the page…

  49. shine says:

    The true fulfillment of Revelation according to Scripture is being testified at Shinchonji. Don’t regret later for doubting and listening to false rumors, but come and hear for yourself now!

  50. Sara Saito says:

    Mr. Hilton, thanks for the article and especially the video link! Good to see some footage and hear words directly from the man himself.
    Can’t believe I missed this seminar :-( but my pastor is bringing some of us to attend the follow-up study.

    My cousin from Jersey has also been hearing about this speaker through the grapevine, I hope the NY Daily Record continues to keep tabs on this revival movement.

  51. Song says:

    Yay, every Tues and Thursdays are follow-up study days! Hopefully I can bring another friend of mine tonight!! Am I going to see any of you there?? :D

  52. Song says:

    YAY I’m getting a few more people to come to the follow-up study!! I’m so excited! another class is going to open tonight!!!

  53. Song says:

    More people coming to the follow-up studies! classes are getting full now.

  54. Nuke slytalker says:

    Jason is basically testifying to the promised pastor. Correction is as follows however. Lee man Hee does not deviate from scriptures. Secondly he doesn’t teach believers to abandon their respective churches, but pleads believers to check and discern if his words are matching with scriptures in other words fulfillment.

  55. Joe Jenson says:

    Is it true that followers don’t believe that lee is going to die? Can someone explain?

  56. ” But we belong to GOD. Whoever knows God listens to us, whoever does not belong to God does not listen to us. This, then is how we can tell the difference between the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.” 1 John 4:6.

  57. Real says:

    I really hope and pray he visit again.

  58. happytreelim says:

    True shepherd of God

  59. 노란보석 says:

    I hope that the people realize the truth and then come Shinchonji.

  60. jamie says:

    Shepherd God together, Lee Man-hee pastor of the New Testament has mastered.

  61. yellow says:

    I heard his seminar, he is geneous and he realized the bible through GOD’s will. and he will let us know GOD’s will, I think we have to know the truth and go to Shinchonji to meet GOD.

  62. jin-ju kim says:

    wow … His word is very logical. I want to hear more of it.

  63. nanda says:

    For hope Shinchonji Word.
    You will definitely feel the happiness.

  64. new light says:

    This is the chance to find and re-connect the line between JESUS and us, which was lost contact for ages. Instructor man hee lee will lead the way to JESUS, and to FATHER GOD.

  65. sychoi says:

    Man Hee Lee promised the shepherd of Africa, the Americas and Europe in 2012 and in fact, the evidence which the New Testament has All hear realizing, believing, reaches into the kingdom of God, I wish.

  66. Laura says:

    His testimony is very sincere and powerful. I attracted his lecture.
    He is truly advocate of Jesus.

  67. hy says:

    I believe that the people realize the truth and then come Shinchonji.
    thankyou very much .. i love you

  68. Yang Su Kyung says:

    Thank you God for giving us send true shepherd. Hallelujah!

  69. Steve says:

    Yep, totally not a cult.

  70. lovejy says:

    Man Hee Lee seems like a genuine man of God.

  71. song says:

    good post!
    he’s very wonderful. good. i’m impressed

  72. 4rang says:

    That the promise of new drugs have been made
    On the bright side I believe the check directly!

  73. peter says:

    it’s heavy working.

  74. 남설시환 says:

    Appreciate the word of revelation.

  75. Adam_S says:

    His sermon was surprised
    Do not believe it so amazing.

  76. joyfullight says:

    It is really nice! You can feel that it is the history of the great God!

  77. shin says:

    It’s amazing
    Amen, thank you

  78. kwon says:

    good!! i love shinchonji!!

  79. wise ant says:

    Do you know the word of God made ​​in the Bible? It is amazing too. However, you are welcome to put one’s hands in the air, because all things ancient history should happen?

  80. blueami says:

    a blessing of God!!

  81. kim lucia says:

    Children of the true God, who gave birth to the word of truth, you going to be the first fruit plaiting during our /

  82. Laura Swan says:

    When I heard the word from Chairman Man Hee Lee at the Open Bible Seminar, I was certain that it is the work of Holy Spirit.
    You can be enlightened of the truth of the Bible in Shinchonji where it teaches all 66 books without adding nor subtracting from it.

  83. Angela says:

    He is sent by God.Through the Bible.

  84. jane says:

    I was suprised to hear. Because he has to say is very biblical. He must have been a God send to us

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    I want to learn about shinchonji and bible more systematically

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  87. jung olive says:

    Thank you.

  88. Jina Kim says:

    If you want to know the truth you need listen carefully to Chairman Man Hee Lee of Shinchonji. The greatest truth lies in him.

  89. nicholas ryan says:

    You do not have to argue about this guy seems Because he fit God sender.

  90. Sujan says:

    In this world, the unbelievable happened.
    Shinchonji is the kingdom of God is sure.

  91. Daniel says:

    Man Hee Lee is a true pastor.. Thanks Amen!

  92. julove says:

    He is really pastor.!

  93. ju says:

    This history is really amazing!

  94. susanna says:

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    I think that he is really religion leader.

  95. susanna says:

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  96. Jiwon says:

    Man Hee Lee is revered as a towering figure in the world.

  97. park says:

    Realize that salvation is to hear the word of revelation

  98. winner says:

    Occurrence is not the word of truth.

  99. littlefoot says:

    This is the age of New Testament we waiting for.
    And the revelation has opened and spread to the whole world.
    We are so lucky through whole 6,000 years of Bible Story.

  100. littlefoot says:

    We are so happy to hear the revelation has opened.
    I believe because Bible said it.

  101. Loran says:

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  102. bs kim says:

    The history of the Holy Spirit to open the Bible spread in a short time like this.

  103. grace lim says:

    I confirmde clearly by Bible.
    The shepherd of the big talk which Jesus chooses for the churches.

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  105. thesther says:

    Formal if you do not know the Bible believer should not onlyYet, no matter how nine won; What is hollering could be what you’re useless?Who will realize the Bible say. Lee Man-hee

  106. littlefoot says:

    Lee Man Hee spoke so clearly and concisely about the bible, he backed everything up with scripture, and he explained everything fully.
    Lee Man Hee never talked about his opinion, his interpretation, or what he thought it might be. It was all very clearly the truth according to scriptures.
    Lee Man Hee renewed my faith in God and reignited my passion for the Word.
    I am so thankful to Man Hee Lee!!

  107. grace lim says:

    Emergence as Revelation and Revelation as consisting of evidence and the reality is, Jesus was sent to the churches, for the leader of the peace-minded objective to give thanks.

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    thank you so much!

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  111. kyung nam lee says:

    Sent the promise of shepherds, thank God.

  112. sally says:

    Properly, I’ll have faith.

  113. Journalist Lee says:

    It’s so amazing. God made everything for this fulfillment of the Revelation.

  114. hee-min says:

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  115. hee-min says:

    God’s word is becoming testimony in new land.

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  118. Serena Lee says:

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    he seems sincere and now i don’t believe the rumors anymore.
    he is always impressive. wanna learn more.

  119. Winnie says:

    We can know God’s man by his words. If Mr. Lee testify only the bible itself, we should follow his word.. all christians are waiting for God’s true pastor!!

  120. Rui woong says:

    It’s amazing. Man hee Lee is Shepherd of God.

  121. yhKim says:

    I think that Man Hee Lee is genuine man of God!!

  122. 주선 정 says:

    [ 계22:16-17 ] “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this testimony for the churches. I am the Root and the Offspring of David, and the bright Morning Star.” The Spirit and the bride say, “Come!” And let him who hears say, “Come!” Whoever is thirsty, let him come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the water of life.

  123. 주선 정 says:

    [ 눅2:14 ] “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests.”

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  130. 양수경 says:

    John 14:29
    I have told you now before it happens, so that when it does happen you will believe.

  131. 포도송이 says:

    God buoy eyes that open word because comes to time and can find Chammokja to us ^^

    Is thankful to God who send agreed shepherd.

  132. bognsun says:

    Chairman of Shinchonji (SCJ) Church of Jesus, Lee Man-Hee (Man Hee Lee) is a renowned spiritual leader, who has been testifying to the fulfillment of
    the new covenant.

  133. dohsujung says:

    He is an angel sent by Jesus.!!

  134. hee-min says:

    God’s word of apprentice is becoming testimony all over the world.

  135. hee-min says:

    The all world should like to be united by Gyesidoenmalsseum

  136. sssss sssss says:

    The kingdom of God and salvation will not exist, unless the promised pastor exists.

  137. Smith says:

    It is truly amazing!
    He is the prophet of today!

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    you these things in the churches Iam the
    root and the offspring of David the bright
    andmoming star.

  142. luvi12 says:

    Have you heard about the story of Man Hee Lee?
    It’s really amazing

  143. Steven says:

    This guy is misleading and deceitful!! I went to one his rallies and it was sickening. Every one was brain washed. This was supposed to be a peace rally, but it was just a religious recruitment, praising and thanking Man Hee Lee for “everything he has done for us”. We were just used for videos and pictures to glamourize him.

  144. 과일나라 says:

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  145. 과일나라 says:

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